PATHETIC: What Obama just admitted about North Korea’s nukes

As you folks read this, I’m heading to Hamilton, Montana to address the Ravalli County GOP on “Strength in Principled Unity.” I flew out from Boston where Friday evening I had the privilege and honor to address the Massachusetts Family Institute on the topic of “The Lives that Matter.” I cannot tell y’all how blessed I am to be able to travel the country to speak on the principles, values, and policies that will restore our Constitutional Republic and economic empowerment — as opposed to economic dependency, which was advocated by the assembled Democrat presidential candidates just this past week.

Now, I just have to briefly say it’s college football Saturday and there are some AWESOME games today…Michigan State vs. Michigan, Florida vs. LSU, Alabama vs. Texas A&M, Arizona State vs. Utah to name a few. But as a nation we are facing a bigger, critical and far more important matchup: United States vs. Iran, Russia, China, ISIS, al-Qaida, Taliban and… North Korea.

The difference in the college match-ups and the global one is that we are not taking the field. Consider that in the past week Iran tested a new ballistic missile and then unveiled a video showing a massive underground missile facility. And what was the response from President Obama? Whatever it was it does not deter the Iranian nuclear agreement advancement, and I’m not kidding. Anyway, we reported this week the Iranian parliament passed its own amended version of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — so Mr. President which agreement is it?

America, we’ve been here before. On Friday, President Obama hosted South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye, and the Wall Street Journal headline says it all, “Obama, South Korean President Agree North Korea Can’t Have Nuclear Weapon At White House — However, they offer little hope of getting Pyongyang to abandon nuclear program.”

Perhaps we need a history reminder from October 21, 1994. Check out this 57 seconds of history when Bill Clinton praised the North Korean nuke “deal.”

It was 12 years later that North Korea tested its first nuclear device. And if you make the comparison with President Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal statement, well, you’ll find consistency in language — and naiveté.

The Wall Street Journal writes, “President Barack Obama and South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Friday affirmed that their countries would never accept North Korea as a nuclear state, but offered little hope of forging an agreement to compel Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear program. In a meeting at the White House, Mr. Obama and his South Korean counterpart discussed whether the landmark nuclear deal Iran reached with the U.S. and five other world powers could serve as a model for pressuring North Korea.

Both leaders said, though, that North Korea has given no indication it could foresee a future without nuclear weapons. “North Korea has to come to its own conclusion that it is genuinely willing to give up nuclear capabilities,” Ms. Park said.

For now, North Korea’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon will continue to deepen its isolation, Mr. Obama said. He condemned the country’s recent “reckless actions” and said the U.S. and South Korea would continue to stand together. “North Korea was reminded that any provocation or aggression will be met by a strong, united response by South Korea and the United States,” Mr. Obama said.”

Let me remind you about North Korea sinking a South Korean naval vessel killing some 35 sailors — there was no strong, united response. North Korea fired an artillery barrage onto a South Korean island — there was no strong, united response. Just recently two South Korean soldiers were horribly wounded by a North Korean mine — no response.

So why would Lil’ Kim believe Obama and Park would stand up to him and prevent his continued nuclear program development? Heck, North Korea declared the restart of uranium enrichment at Yongbyon facility.

“Ms. Park has said that the U.S. and South Korea together must make an effort to compel Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear program and to bring a sustainable peace to the Korean peninsula.”

The problem is that rhetoric doesn’t convince despots, only action does. And with North Korea’s sugar daddy, China, ruling the Pacific, North Korea feels emboldened.

The lesson learned is that history is repeating itself. President Clinton’s words were mirrored by President Obama regarding the nuclear deals for North Korea and Iran. The difference is that the consequences are not as slow for Iran as they were for North Korea. I would assess that having George W. Bush as president caused the North Koreans to slow down their advance somewhat — even though they were still appeased. Now, the Iranians know they have a serious NBA fast break opportunity — and so does North Korea.

You have to at least take the field, but Team America under Barack Obama is still in the locker room while the coach delivers a really good press conference. Oh well, it certainly provides an opportunity for someone to emerge as a leader – th question is, will it be too late?


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