Pathetic: Hillary’s latest campaign gimmick BACKFIRES big time

It’s gotta be exhausting to be Hillary Clinton. To shape shift into a new form based on whichever way the wind’s blowing and “reinvent” herself more often than most people take out the recycling. To try so desperately to be “hip” and “human,” through awkward Vines and Snapchats — the kind that make you feel uncomfortable just watching — which, rather than making her relatable, only make her laughable.

Now, amidst #FeelTheBern fever, Clinton is once again employing a sadly embarrassing gimmick to rebrand herself as a “progressive” — but not just any ol’ progressive. One who “gets things done.”

And, you guessed it, the Queen’s latest blatant pandering has backfired big time.

Via Twitchy:

Early in the first Democratic presidential debate, moderator Anderson Cooper pressed Hillary Clinton on her political leanings. He noted that while she had told a New Hampshire audience she’d “take a back seat to no one when it comes to progressive values,” at an Ohio stop she acknowledged “being kind of moderate and center.”

After some babbling from Clinton, Cooper asked again, “Just for the record, are you a progressive, or are you a moderate?”

Clinton was obviously impressed by her own answer, because her campaign is now giving away bumper stickers reprinting her big applause line.

OK, so Clinton has driven a stake through the old Hillary Clinton who voted for the Iraq War and argued that the marriage of a man and a woman was “one of the founding, foundational institutions of history and humanity and civilization.” But she also gets things done, although no one can seem to name any of them. (Clinton herself cited her work on reforming foster care and adoption and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.)

The implication, obviously, is that socialist opponent Bernie Sanders is an idealist who just can’t make things happen in the real world of politics. Right?

Certainly a lot of Twitter followers took it that way.

Meanwhile, Clinton managed to alienate her base of moderates:

And remind everyone of her propensity for double-speak and flip-flopping:

Not to mention her corruption:

When you consider that Clinton’s team managed to piss off both the Sanders progressives it was going after AND her moderate Democrat base — not to mention remind everyone what a phony she is AND how little she’s ACTUALLY gotten done — it’s really quite an accomplishment. I guess if you consider that getting something “done,” Clinton and her team deserve some credit. Though really I think more and more Americans are wishing the only thing Clinton would get done is her campaign and political career — as in, put a fork in it, it’s done.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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