Whoa: CNBC issues INSTANT response to Trump and Carson’s debate demands

We reported yesterday of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and Ben Carson’s demands that CNBC shorten the upcoming GOP debate. We cheered the active, powerful stance these two GOP candidates took with the liberal media — and suggested the rules may be changing, where liberal media doesn’t get to control our GOP debates.

Well, it appears CNBC got that memo — and quickly responded to Trump and Carson’s demands.

As The Hill reports:

Donald Trump said Friday that CNBC had agreed to his demands to limit its upcoming Republican debate to two hours.

A later report from CNN also said CNBC had agreed to limit the debate to two hours after calls to do so from Trump and fellow GOP candidate Ben Carson.

CNN reported that the Republican National Committee was calling Republican campaigns to tell them that CNBC had agreed to a two-hour debate with commercials. The network had suggested the debate would run for two hours, plus commercials. 

CNBC would not comment on Trump’s tweet when reached by The Hill.

GOP candidates have been pressing for shorter debates after CNN aired a three-hour debate in September. 

Trump and Carson told CNBC that both candidates would skip the Oct. 28 debate in Colorado unless it was a maximum of two hours, including commercials, and included time for opening and closing statements from the candidates.

While the network has reportedly agreed to shorten the time frame, it isn’t immediately clear whether it also will allow for opening and closing statements — the second main stipulation for Carson and Trump’s participation. 

Discontent from a handful of campaigns bubbled over during a telephone call on Thursday, where the network told candidates that the debate would skip opening and closing statements.

One GOP campaign source familiar with the call told The Hill Thursday that the campaigns were essentially unanimous on the call for opening and closing statements, which give candidates guaranteed time to address the broad audience.

The campaign source added that the Trump campaign was the main driver behind the complaints about the length of the debate. 

“People realized we got the short end of the stick when the Democrats had a 2 minute opening and a 90 second closing [during their debate], so they had three and a half minutes to a 15 million person audience of an infomercial,” the source said.

“They get a commercial, we get ‘The Hunger Games.’ “

That frustration turned into the letter from Carson and Trump, first reported by NBC News, where the top two in the GOP presidential polls specifically threatened to pull out.  

Whomever your own personal pick is for the GOP nomination, this news is cause for cheer. Finally, the GOP is standing up to the liberal media establishment — the same media who brought us two terms of President Barack Obama. And are doing their damnedest to bring us President Hillary Clinton (sorry, folks, who may be eating while reading). As Breitbart writes:

CNBC, which is part of the same NBC News network that openly partnered with a Democrat political data firm; that funneled more than a half-billion dollars to two pro-Hillary propaganda outlets (Vox and BuzzFeed); that turned their entire network over to the Clinton campaign for five days last week, thought it would pull a fast one and expand the upcoming Republican presidential debate from 2 hours to 3 hours.

The Hill reports that all the GOP candidates would prefer a two-hour debate, and for obvious reasons. The longer the left-wing media has to interrogate our candidates, the more likely it is the media will score for Hillary. Candidates are also more likely to make a mistake as the hours drag on.

CNBC also wanted to kill the opportunity for the candidates to have an opening and closing statement — which is also an obvious political move on the part of NBC News. The media wants to define our candidates as racist, crazy and stupid, and the best way to do this is to not let them get their message out with opening and closing remarks.

All of this is progress — of course, progress just to try to level the playing field across parties. But in a liberal-controlled media landscape — who increasingly seem intent on controlling the outcome of our elections — it’s huge.

It’s a big win not just for the GOP, but more importantly, for the American people and the principles of this republic.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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