Whoa: Arab reporter goes OFF on Palestinian leadership

Though the Muslim world seems to produce few brave or honest men willing to speak out, it certainly has produced its fair share of courageous women: Nujood Ali, Malala Yousafzai, and now you can add Lucy Aharish to that list. Aharish, an Israeli-born Arab, is a news reporter and media host. Described as a “trailblazing Muslim journalist” by former Israeli Cultural Affairs Minister Limor Livnat, she proved that to be – oh so true this week – when she went on what we might call a “rant” against Palestinian leadership, who she says are killing the futures of young Arab men and inciting violence. Talk about politically incorrect…

This amazing exchange is courtesy of United For Israel.


I find it interesting that an Arab woman, who lives in Israel is willing to call out the Arab leadership in the Palestinian territory for promoting terrorism and fanning the flames while the liberal media both here and abroad are intent on shifting the blame to Israel. It seems their goal is to promote the victimhood of the Arabs living in both Israel and the territories. But Aharish is having none of that either. Once accused of “blaming the victim” by a representative of the Arab nationalist party Balad, Aharish responded with this bit of advice:

“I said to him, ‘Who’s a victim? Are you a victim? That’s your problem. I’m nobody’s victim…. The day we Arabs stop viewing ourselves as victims will be the day we can start progressing and demanding our rights. But as long as you view yourself as a victim, you’ll never amount to anything.’”

I’m guessing you wont see Ms. Aharish appearing on any of our liberal talk shows any time soon.

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]


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