SCARY: Two things Putin is doing to bring us closer to WWIII

As you know, Tuesday night the Democrats held their first presidential primary debate, and I just have to say, I wasn’t very impressed with any of them — save Senator Jim Webb — being commander in chief. I reviewed a recording of the whole thing again and am quite appalled there wasn’t much discussion on ISIS and the situation in Syria. It’s as if these presidential candidates have been in a time warp and missed almost seven years of failed national security and foreign policy. Perhaps they should read this article to understand that for some, leadership is not defined by leading on climate change.

Once again, the easy way out was to just blame Bush for the deplorable situation in Syria. But there can be no doubt who is to blame for what’s happening there now. And beyond that, what Putin is up to seems to bring us closer to World War III.

First, as reported by Fox News, “Moscow is “deliberately targeting” U.S.-backed forces in Syria as part of a military campaign that has killed up to 150 CIA-trained rebels/. The claim comes as the U.S. and Russian militaries try to reach an agreement about flight safety in the skies over Syria. Officials from both countries are holding their third video conference on the issue Wednesday, as U.S.-led coalition and Russian aircraft look to avoid collisions as they launch airstrikes into Syria.

But even as they try to “de-conflict,” evidence is mounting that Russia’s air campaign is targeting more than just the Islamic State. “Putin is deliberately targeting our forces,” a U.S. official, who is disappointed in the U.S. response to Russia, told Fox News. “Our guys are fighting for their lives,” said the official, estimating up to 150 CIA-trained moderate rebels have been killed by the Russians. “Striking ISIL continues to be the least of Moscow’s priorities in Syria, said a U.S. intelligence official who also warned Putin might not look so tough if a Russian helicopter were downed or some Russian soldiers captured. “In the modern age of social media, one captured Russian soldier paraded by extremists could shock the Russian population,” the official said.

The Obama administration recently ended its troubled program to train select Syrian rebels, but has continued to equip the opposition. Over the weekend, the U.S. military airdropped 50 tons of small arms ammo and grenades in northern Syria.”

I, for one, have to ask, to whom are we dropping the ammunitions resupplies? I just pray it doesn’t end up in the hands of the opposition — then again, who IS the opposition? President Obama has ended a program which, as stated on “60 Minutes,” he was forced into accepting. He demonstrated little desire for the very same program he asked for as HIS strategy to degrade, defeat and destroy ISIS.

Some $500 million in taxpayer funds were appropriated to the operation, and about $50 million was spent. Out of that $50 million, we got 54 trained Syrian rebels of whom nearly 50 were killed or captured, leaving a massive force of just four to five, according to the testimony of the U.S. Central Command Commanding General Lloyd Austin.

And now we have reports that the CIA-trained rebels are the ones being destroyed by Russian “deliberate” air attacks. I suppose Putin realizes there’s no longer any need to pretend.

Ask yourself, who trusts the United States at this moment? The doctor who fingered Osama bin Laden is rotting away in a Pakistani prison. Heck, even our own American citizens are rotting away in an Iranian prison — as Iranian Quds forces along with Hezbollah openly fight against those who seek to stand against Bashar Assad.

Remember, President Obama stated, “Assad must go.” And if you’re one of those “Syrian rebels,” the words from the White House aren’t very reassuring, “On Tuesday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that “countering Russia’s involvement in Syria doesn’t rate nearly as high on the scale” as battling the Islamic State.”

Sadly, much as the touted pivot to the Pacific Rim, we’re not doing anything at all in the Middle East to counter Russia or battle ISIS.

But there’s another new report that should have us all just appalled. Fox News states, “Cuban military operatives reportedly have been spotted in Syria, where sources believe they are advising President Bashar al-Assad’s soldiers and may be preparing to man Russian-made tanks to aid Damascus in fighting rebel forces backed by the U.S.

Gen. Leopoldo Cintra Frias, head of Cuba’s Armed Forces, recently visited Syria to lead a group of Cuban military personnel joining forces with Russia in their support of Assad, according to information received by the University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies. On Wednesday, a U.S. official confirmed to Fox News that Cuban paramilitary and special forces units are on the ground in Syria, citing evidence from intelligence reports. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Cuban troops may have been training in Russia and may have arrived in Syria on Russian planes. An Arab military officer at the Damascus airport reportedly witnessed two Russian planes arrive there with Cuban military personnel on board. When the officer questioned the Cubans, they told him they were there to assist Assad because they are experts at operating Russian tanks.”

Ok, let’s remember, President Obama earlier this year removed Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, seeking to normalize relations between the two countries as we opened up respective embassies. So we sign a nuclear agreement with Iran – which we now find out they never signed, and they start testing ballistic missiles and deploying their forces to Syria. We open up diplomatic relations with Cuba — and they deploy forces to Syria.

So get this, we are speaking highly of restoring diplomacy with Cuba and they deploy soldiers to kill the folks we spent resources to train in Syria? Yes, it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

“Yes, there are those who want to turn back the clock and double down on a policy of isolation,” Obama said at the time, “but it’s long past time for us to realize that this approach doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked for 50 years.” “This is a historic step forward in our efforts to normalize relations with the Cuban government and people, and begin a new chapter with our neighbors in the Americas,” Obama said in July from the White House Rose Garden.”

Perhaps the Jayvee team in the White House should read some history and study the Cuban involvement in Africa, namely Angola, in the 70’s. And let us not forget the last time Cuba deployed troops to Syria – it was 1973 in support of said country during the Yom Kippur War against Israel and deployed officers to observe Israeli military tactics.

Now, ask yourself, who on the debate stage Tuesday night, Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley, or Chaffee — forget Jim Webb, he is a fish out of water — comprehends what is happening? Yep, those chuckleheads stated that “black lives matter”…well, I suppose so, because Syrian rebel lives don’t matter…Jewish lives don’t seem to matter…Chaldean lives don’t matter…Assyrian lives don’t matter…Kurdish lives don’t matter.

The only lives that matter to the Obama administration and the Democrat Party are those which can be leveraged for political advantage. And Putin, Rouhani, Khamenei, Castro, Jinping, Lil’ Kim, al-Baghdadi, and the leaders of Boko Haram, al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Taliban all know it too.

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