Obama’s America: Look why this black CHURCH is being fined

We already know the left has a problem with all those bitter folks who cling to their guns and religion – code words for white Christians. We reported yesterday about the high school football coach who could very well lose his job for praying on the 50-yard-line before each game.

But it appears the assault on Christianity in this nation isn’t a “whites only” policy. A church in Oakland, California has been threatened with a nuisance fee of $3,500 and daily fines of $500 – for what?


Yes, while most people who love Gospel music call it “the joyful noise,” apparently folks in Oakland just hear it as…noise.

As KPIX 5 reports, the City of Oakland sent a letter to Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in West Oakland with details of the supposed infraction and resulting fines and saying “…this activity (choir practice) may constitute a public nuisance due to its impact to the use and quiet enjoyment of the surrounding community’s property.”

Church pastors met this week to discuss the issue and said the real problem is gentrification of the neighborhood. The church is located amidst a neighborhood full of old Victorians which are being purchased by affluent tech workers.

“The pastors said all churches are threatened by the city’s action and they plan to fight it. Pastors are also thinking about organizing outdoor services throughout Oakland so everyone can enjoy the joyful noise that much more.

For its part, the church said it will continue with choir practice on Thursday.”

Do #ChristianBlackLivesMatter? Remember, the Obama administration didn’t lift a finger to help Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim escape her captivity and death sentence – even though her two children were American citizens.

You’d think she would have hit all the buttons: black, immigrant, refugee…but nope.

No, black Christian lives only matter if they can be used to push an ideological agenda, as in the South Carolina tragedy. Otherwise, no. And please keep the noise down.

[Note: This article was quietly written by Michele Hickford

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