Black sheriff SLAMS Democrat debate response to Black Lives Matter

Tuesday night’s Democrat debate brought us a two-hour display of pandering at its finest. And even in a sea of pandering, the candidate’s responses to the question whether “Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter” stood out. We watched Democrats like Martin O’Malley, who’d previously argued that “All Lives Matter,” reverse their position after experiencing backlash from the Black Lives Matter movement. Even Bernie Sanders, whom I’ve admired only for his appearance of authenticity and conviction, seems to have caved to Black Lives Matter movement demands after they’ve shamed him into it.

Not surprisingly, America’s favorite black sheriff, David Clarke, had a few choice things to say about this unequivocal display of pandering. In an appearance last night on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Clarke not only chastised the Democrat candidates for their “pathetic display” in Tuesday’s debate; moreover, he called out the whole liberal ideology as the root cause of the many real problems the black community faces today.


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was not impressed by Democrats in their first presidential primary debate. In particular, Sheriff Clarke took exception to the way Democrats handled the “all lives matter” question.

“It was a pathetic display,” Clarke said on Wednesday’s Hannity. “It was plantation politics in its finest hour, the continued enslavement of black people emotionally by the Democrat party with this destructive liberal ideology.”

As we reported, four out of five Democratic candidates refused to say “all lives matter” at Tuesday’s debate.

“They’re whoring for votes,” Clarke continued. “The liberal ideology has been very destructive for the black community for the last 50 or 60 years. Poverty is now generational–it’s a lifestyle. Unemployment is obscene. They have to send their kids to failing public schools. Drug and alcohol addiction. Neighborhoods that are crumbling. All under Democrat control.”

Watch for yourself — both Sheriff Clarke and talk show host Larry Elder raise excellent points that should be part of GOP messaging:

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams agreed that the candidates’ inability to say “all lives matter” was a case of “pandering”, but he claimed the reason was political.

“There is a real issue of excessive use of police force in the country,” Williams explained. “Black lives matter has come in response to that issue.” Williams went on to tell Sean, Clarke, and talk show host Larry Elder, that they need to “become more politically sophisticated” to understand why the candidates answered the way they did.

Sheriff Clarke disagreed with Williams.

“Juan I don’t know what happened to you,” Clarke interrupted. “You wrote a brilliant book several years ago entitled “Enough” talking about these very same things. I don’t know what’s happened to you since then. You’ve gone back over to the other side.”

Sheriff Clarke articulately sums up the destruction liberal policies have wreaked on the black community over the past 50 years, as we’ve discussed frequently on this site. When you consider these facts, it’s hard not to think the Black Lives Matter movement should be directed at Democrat leaders, focusing on the real problems the liberal policies of the past 50 years have engendered in the black community. It’s really difficult to understand how blacks can continue, as a group, to vote Democrat.

We’ll continue to do our part to shine a light on the real issues facing the black community.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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