Carson beats Clinton by +11 following media attacks

Few of us were surprised by last week’s coordinated media attacks on GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson. It’s the liberal law of political physics: as a GOP star rises, so too do the mainstream media’s attempts to diminish and marginalize them. And there’s a special kind of vitriol reserved for a rising GOP star who, as a woman or person of color, goes off the liberal thought plantation and (gasp) espouses conservative principles.

Hence, we saw Ben Carson called racial slurs (e.g., “coon”), told to f*ck off, labeled “crazy” and more — all in the past week. And while any one of those labels applied to a black Democrat candidate would have sparked career-ending outrage targeting anyone involved, the liberal media just kept piling on.

Meanwhile, we saw a candidate emerge stronger from it all, displaying a graceful toughness and steadfastness in the face of hateful attacks — even doubling down on his message, rather than waffling or walking it back.

And what may be even more encouraging is what’s happened to Carson’s poll numbers in the wake of the concerted attacks on him. Yep, it appears the liberal media’s attempts to destroy Carson have not only made him a stronger candidate — they’ve actually fueled his continued rise in a big way.

As Breitbart reports:

The national media coordinated a weeklong hate storm last week designed to forever destroy the threat of Dr. Ben Carson, The Scary Black Guy Who Preaches Self-Reliance — The Apostate Off The Liberal Thought Plantation, who for the better part of a polling month has proven to be a real threat to Hillary Clinton. A new Fox News poll shows that the media’s “othering” campaign backfired spectacularly. Carson is now statistically tied with Donald Trump and beating Hillary by +11 points nationally.

In the poll, which was taken over the weekend, Trump stands at 24% nationally with Carson right next to him at 23%. Only 13% of GOP voters pick Trump as their second choice, while 18% choose Carson.

This is a huge jump for Carson, who just two months ago was losing to Trump 25% to 12%.

In a head-to-head match-up with Clinton, she loses to all the GOP candidates. By far, Carson holds the widest lead over the former Secretary of State: a spectacular +11 points, 50% to 39%. That is a stunning +16 point climb for Carson. Back in June (the last time this poll matched him with Hillary), Carson was down -5%, 46% to 41%.

As someone who has been critical of some of the things Carson has said in the past, I was close to awed by Carson’s performance over the last week. In the face of the DC media’s obvious enmity towards a black man they see as an political apostate, Carson was remarkably calm, composed, and articulate. Best of all he stood his ground and won every exchange.

No matter how desperate the DC media is to fabricate a reality where it is “crazy” to suggest students fight back during a mass-shooting; no matter how desperate the DC media is to fabricate a reality where it is “anti-Semitic” to suggest Nazi-era Jews would have resisted even more had the government not confiscated their guns, the tactic didn’t work.

In fact, according to this poll the weeklong 24/7 hate storm relentlessly pushed everywhere but especially on MSNBC and CNN, backfired.

What America saw was a very impressive, thoughtful, and skilled man who not only weathered a racially-motivated media assault but beat it back with reason and facts.

Carson has become a much-improved candidate over the last few weeks. This should worry the DC media as much as it should Trump.

In the Real Clear Politics poll of poll, Carson beats Hillary by +5.6%.

Now, the liberal media is piling on to declare Hillary Clinton the “winner” of last night’s Democrat debate — despite every viewer poll I’ve seen strongly showing Bernie Sanders as the winner. No surprise here, as we’ve seen the liberal media twisting themselves into pretzels to rescue Clinton from herself.

But could it be that the liberal media — whom we can thank in a big way for two terms of Barack Obama — is losing its power to choose our leaders? Certainly, Carson’s new poll numbers are cause for optimism on this front.

In this election cycle, where anti-establishment sentiment reigns, perhaps the liberal media is part of the establishment being rebuked.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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