This cartoon PERFECTLY sums up last night’s debate

Just in case you DIDN’T tune in last night – or tuned in and quickly fell asleep, which is highly likely – here is basically all you need to know about what the Democrats promised last night, courtesy of our friend, A.F. Branco.


FREE EVERYTHING. Now, who wouldn’t want to vote for that? I mean, it’s not coming out of YOUR pocket, right? Nobody is actually going to send you a bill for the healthcare, it’s just going to be free. And all those rich folks will pick up the tab.

Now you know and I know that’s not how it works, but most people don’t. Take a look at this transcript from Rush Limbaugh’s program today. He sums it up beautifully:

You know, one of the biggest misdirections in public dialogue and politics is? The taxpayers’ expense. Taxpayers have to pay. The taxpayers don’t pay anything. The reason is they’re not conscious of it. Everybody’s taxes are withheld from their paychecks, those who work. Very few people are independent contractors that actually pay their taxes themselves. The vast majority of people never see the money they pay in taxes, any kind. Property tax is part of the homeowners, the mortgage payment every month, very little tax do you ever see, particularly income and payroll taxes.

So people come along, “This is gonna cost the taxpayers X, and that’s gonna cost the taxpayer Y.” It doesn’t cost you anything. We build a battleship, you don’t think it’s cost you anything. What’s your share of it? Whoever sent you a bill for your portion of a B-2 bomber? So the idea of a taxpayers expense doesn’t mean anything because it has no basis in relatability. So you can run around and talk about we’re gonna pay for this, we’re gonna do this, we can afford this, and the taxpayers are not gonna worry about it. They’ve never gotten a bill for anything. So the idea that it’s costing them something is totally over their head, totally escapes them without any consciousness or any awareness of an annual deficit and an accumulating national debt and what it actually means. And I venture to say 90% of the population doesn’t have the slightest clue what it means. It can’t be a negative used against the Democrats.

For 50 years people on our side have been trying to prove and establish that the Democrats can be beaten by talking about all the excessive spending. But the fact is it doesn’t work, it doesn’t persuade anybody to not support or vote Democrat because they’re never aware of having to pay for any of it, be they taxpayers or recipients. They’re not aware of having to pay for any of it. They never see the tax revenue that’s collected from them in the first place, and they certainly aren’t aware how it’s allocated.

In other words, if I may sum it up another way, we’re toast.

[Note: This article was written lightly-buttered by Michele Hickford]


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