There’s only ONE person last night who could be considered as commander in chief

It’s 11:18pm on Tuesday as I write this from Massachusetts where I was speaking. I got back to the hotel room in time to see about 40 minutes of the Democrat presidential primary debate. I can easily say that former Senator Jim Webb was certainly out of place on that stage. Even Anderson Cooper made the assertion that he was out of touch with the Democrat party. And what did Cooper mean by that? What you saw was a gathering of folks posturing to “out left” each other. I will admit one thing; Anderson Cooper did a professional job in asking tough questions in a direct manner focused on topics and issues — as opposed to Jake Tapper who only created an animal house environment. But then again, the GOP candidates shouldn’t have followed him down that path.

The theme seemed to be all about populism — tell folks what they want to hear and give them what they want. And it will be paid for by rich people. And the rich people are Republican, and protected by Republicans.

What I found funny was that the Democrat primary selection pool is all old white people — diversity? If you were watching this debate, you’d believe we’re living in a different America. We’re going to give people free family leave, free healthcare, free education and anything else they want. There’s nothing that’s not a right. And it has to be very shocking to our Republic that an avowed socialist is wowing folks. Now, there is one thing on which I do agree with Bernie Sanders, and that is the restoration of Glass-Steagall, since Dodd-Frank has done nothing but punish small community banks.

But what was odd to me was the Sanders defense of Hillary Clinton and the “emails” issue. Now, just ask yourself, if this were a Republican, would folks just say move on, nothing to see here? And consider that Hillary Clinton wants to be commander in chief when members of the U.S. Armed Forces would be sentenced to Ft. Leavenworth for such missteps with classified materials.

As a matter of fact, consider the case of one U.S. Marine Corps Major Jason Brezler, who may well be discharged from the Corps because he sent “classified” material over his personal email — to warn Marines about an Afghan police chief, Sarwar Jan.

On that stage last night, there was only one person who could truly be considered to be a commander in chief — Senator Jim Webb – and he doesn’t have a chance. I also found it interesting that guns were a target, but there was not much of discussion about mental health or the breakdown of the family and the rise of gangs in the inner cities.

To hear Martin O’Malley talk about gun control while knowing what is happening in Baltimore, well, he probably should have skipped that topic. I may have missed it, but did anyone get asked if they own a gun and if they’ve ever bought a firearm at a gun show? Hmm, I have.

The real lesson learned from this debate for the GOP is simple — stop the circular firing squad. Stop allowing debates to descend into the morass of the high school food fight. Let’s see if the GOP candidates learned that lesson.

The lesson to be learned for us as a nation is we just saw the far left on full display. Their overarching belief is that President Obama has not gone far enough! And to refer to Republicans as “obstructionists” — well, consider the first two years of Obama’s presidency with control and massive majorities in the House and Senate — they did what they wanted. Compromise? Nah, that wasn’t part of the plan.

If you want a progressive socialist country, then you had a great night last night. If you seek a Constitutional Republic, you are still yearning.


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