CNN anchor makes EMBARRASSING claim about Democrat debate ratings

Thud! That’s the sound of ratings crashing for last night’s Democrat debate on CNN compared to last month’s Republican debate on the same channel.

According to Nielsen Fast National ratings data, last night’s debate averaged 15.3 million viewers.

While that figure is big for CNN and the Democrats, as reports, it still falls short of the 22.9 million viewers who’d watched CNN’s three-hour-plus GOP debate in mid September. That event set two records: biggest audience in CNN’s 30-year history and the longest presidential debate ever. And that debate’s overall crowd did not match the 24 million who’d sat glued to the first GOP face-off in August on Fox News Channel, which is that network’s biggest audience ever. The FNC crowd also is the biggest non-sports audience ever for cable news (CNN’s GOP debate stat is No. 2).

Nonetheless, lefty media put a brave face on it – including this unintentionally hilarious comment by CNN host Ashleigh Banfield, who bragged on-air this morning that her network’s debate drew “a higher number than the season premiere of The Walking Dead.”

Wait. What? Given the combined ages of everyone on that stage last night I thought I WAS watching the walking dead! Maybe that’s how the ratings ended up as high as they were. Everyone else thought so too!

[Note: This article was written by sleep-deprived Michele Hickford]


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