What ISIS fighters are telling their rape victims will make you SICK

Once again we must ask (rhetorically of course, because we know they won’t answer), where is the liberal outrage over the real “War on Women” being perpetrated in the name of Islam (the religion of peace) by ISIS?

Hey Debbie Wasserman Schultz, does this bother you at all? Considering you just said Republicans want to kick women out of this country (seriously, she actually said that). Do you have anything to say about this latest disgusting development?

According to The Mirror, “ISIS terrorists are raping women in the sickening belief that it will make them Muslim, terrified victims have said.

Reports from Iraq say the terror group is using religion to justify horrific rape, murder and slavery for women in the country.

Witnesses say the terror group is attacking villages, killing the men and taking away women to abuse.
One 22-year-old victim was sold into slavery when ISIS took over her village in Sinjar.

Speaking to CNN, she tells how a terrorist picked her out and raped her before passing her onto 11 of his friends who also raped her.

He showed her a letter from his superiors, which said that a woman will become a Muslim if ten ISIS men rape her.”

But if rape doesn’t bother anyone, perhaps this atrocity will.

As the Clarion Project reports, “The Islamic State continues to perpetrate some of the world’s worst current horrors. Kurdish media reports that the brutal Islamist organization cut the ears off of 42 citizens of Mosul, Iraq after they insulted the Islamic State.

Media spokesperson of the Kurdish Democratic Party Saeed Mamouzeeni said, “The act of cutting off the ears of these civilians was done after the sharia court of the organization accused them of cursing the name of the Islamic State.”

But never mind any of that. There’s nothing “Islamic” about Islamic State.

And it’s Republicans who, as Wasserman Schultz says, want to kick women. Hey, since when did Republicans only allow men in the party? Heck, they let ME in.

[Note: This article was written by card-carrying female, Michele Hickford]


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