Uh-oh: Paul Ryan just got the WORST endorsement of all time!

If you’re getting thumbs up from someone all conservatives would give thumbs down, it can’t be good news.

Unfortunately for Rep. Paul Ryan, the word on the street is that President Barack Obama thinks he’d be a great choice as Speaker of the House.

“The White House would like that idea,” Politico’s Mike Allen said during an interview with Laura Ingraham on her radio show today. “Because they would like one more win … what they’ve always told me is that they admire Paul Ryan for being a substantive, smart guy,” according to Breitbart.

Speaking to business leaders in Washington D.C. last month, Obama acknowledged that his administration was working with Ryan to negotiate some level of tax reform, even though Senate Majority Leader , even though Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) disagreed.

“To his credit, Paul Ryan expressed real interest in discussions and negotiations,” Obama said during his remarks to the Business Roundtable Headquarters in September.”

Yikes! When possibly the most progressive, imperial, Islamist-sympathizing- president in our nation’s history thinks you’d be a fine choice to lead the House of Representatives, what does THAT tell you?

I can tell you: it can’t be good.

Conservatives were overjoyed when Republicans solidified their majority in the House and at last enjoyed a majority in the Senate. But what have we gotten so far? Sadly, it seems like SSDD.

[Note: This article was written after a face palm by Michele Hickford]


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