Iran tests ballistic missile in defiance of UN ban

Sunday on “60 Minutes,” President Obama stated his definition of leadership was leading on climate change. He also claimed he was bringing together the international community to ensure Iran doesn’t obtain a nuclear device. Oh really? If the reports are correct, Iran is showing its belligerence and defiance — once again.

As reported by Reuters, “Iran tested a new precision-guided ballistic missile on Sunday in defiance of a United Nations ban, signaling an apparent advance in Iranian attempts to improve the accuracy of its missile arsenal. The Islamic Republic has one of the largest missile programs in the Middle East, but its potential effectiveness has been limited by poor accuracy. State television showed what appeared to be a successful launch of the new missile, named Emad, which will be Iran’s first precision-guided weapon with the range to strike its regional arch-enemy Israel.

“The Emad missile is able to strike targets with a high level of precision and completely destroy them … This greatly increases Iran’s strategic deterrence capability,” Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan said at a televised news conference.

The U.N. Security Council prohibits foreign powers from assisting Iran in developing its ballistic missile program in any way, a ban that will remain in place under the terms of the July 14 nuclear deal that will see other sanctions lifted. The United Nations also prohibits Iran from undertaking any activity related to ballistic missiles that could deliver a nuclear warhead, which applies to the Emad, but Iranian officials have pledged to ignore the ban.

“We don’t ask permission from anyone to strengthen our defense and missile capabilities,” Dehghan said. “Our leadership and armed forces are determined to increase our power and this is to promote peace and stability in the region. There is no intention of aggression or threats in this action,” he added.”

No intention of aggression or threats in this action, riiight, and the Ayatollahs believe in Willy Wonka and unicorns as well. You know, that whole “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” thing? Those are just cheers the Iranians do before a sporting event.

Here, we’re being told by the leader of climate change that the Iranians are still bound by the U.N. weapons ban on ballistic missiles for another eight years. Doggone, I understand tempus fugit, but this happened REALLY fast. Maybe if we could somehow prove that the test firing of this ballistic missile added .0025 percent increase in the Earth’s warming, President Obama would show some indignation. So I guess we’re in the position of just doing nothing. What a long 16 months, America.

“Anthony Cordesman, a researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, wrote in January that the Emad would have a range of 1,700 km (1,060 miles), 500 meters (1,650 feet) accuracy and a 750 kg (1,650 pound) payload. It is a variant of the liquid-fuelled Shahab-3 missile, which has been in service since 2003 and has a similar range but is accurate only to within 2,000 meters.

“The Emad represents a major leap in terms of accuracy. It has an advanced guidance and control system in its nose cone,” Israeli missile expert Uzi Rubin said. But Michael Elleman, senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), said it would probably take Iran “many years… and dozens of flight tests” to master the new guidance technology.”

I’m quite sure someone said “don’t worry about Adolf Hitler and Germany, it will take many years for them to develop rocket technology.” I believe near the end of World War II, they had jet fighters and the infamous V2 rocket. Time is not on our side, especially as we sit back and allow the Iranians to test and refine their technology with impunity. And what prevents other belligerent nations, like North Korea and China, from working with Iran to improve its systems? Y’all forgotten the Israeli bombing attack on a nuclear system in Syria was believed to have been supported by North Korea.

This is the same Iran who has deployed its Quds Forces to Syria for ground operations alongside Hezbollah.

But another slap in the face was the revelation regarding the Washington Post’s Jason Reznian’s conviction of espionage by the Iranians. How is it that the Obama administration signed on to a sham of a “nuclear deal” and didn’t even secure the release of four Americans unjustly held — but they’re about to release a damn deserter, Bowe Bergdahl? And spare me the “prove it” crap about Bergdahl. There is undue command influence from the White House in the case of Bowe Bergdahl. So where is the command influence to get Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini, Robert Levinson, and Reznian released? Oops, I just remembered, that’s not part of the definition of leadership.

This evening the Democrats will have their first presidential primary debate. I wonder if Hillary Clinton will be asked about the Russian “reset button?” I wonder if any of them know the names of the four Americans held hostage in Iran. Will the debate moderators ask them about the Bowe Bergdahl case or the case of SFC Charles Martland? Shall the moderators ask them what is their definition of leadership?

You see, there’s no need to ask these Democrat wannabes about domestic policy, because every one of them will say raise taxes, tax the rich, and provide free healthcare and education. The real revelation comes when asking them if the Obama administration has been successful in foreign policy — and where? Ask them the hard questions about the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the Pacific Rim, islamic jihadism (can they even say the words?), and what would they do come January 2017? It will be interesting to see if they share the delusion of President Obama.

Needless to say, Putin, Jinping, Rouhani, Khamenei, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (assuming he’s still alive) will be watching the Democrat presidential debate and seeing who would be their next liberal progressive socialist to exploit. They’ll seek out the one who they believe will best serve their purposes to enable them to continue their advances. I certainly would attest that their number one choice would be Joe Biden, because Uncle Joe will only do the bidding of one Barack Obama to secure his failed legacy.

Leadership is about courage, competence, commitment, conviction and character. No matter how you try to rhetorically spin it, for President Obama, leadership is defined as cowardice — and the dictators, despots, theocrats, and autocrats of the world see it that way. Sadly, so do our allies.


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