Again? You NEVER hear conservatives doing what this liberal woman just did

Sigmund Freud must be wishing he were alive in this day and age in order to get a crack at the ever-expanding list of new mental disorders being created by liberals in America.

Not only is the new trend of creating phobias exclusive liberal territory, (when’s the last time you heard a conservative come up with a “phobia” – such as homophobia, trans-phobia, Islamophobia – and use it to advance a cause or agenda), so is the trend of faking one’s ethnic heritage.

Last week’s removal of yet another pretend minority by New Hampshire’s Dartmouth College shines light on a phenomena of behavior exhibited almost exclusively by the political left in America — instances of Caucasians pretending to be ethnic minorities. Its odd behavior to say the least, and behavior that is rarely if ever exhibited by anyone but liberals.

Last month Dartmouth, an Ivy League and therefore almost by definition an uber-liberal school, named Susan Taffe Reed as new Director of its “Native American Program.” In her new position Ms. Reed was to help students adjust to life at the school and serve as a liaison between the college and Native Americans. The school said her role as president of the Eastern Delaware Nations would be instrumental in helping guide Indian students.

There’s just one problem. She’s a fake.

Last week Dartmouth removed Dr. Reed, who has a doctorate in musicology and American Indian Studies from Cornell University, from her post after tribal officials and alumni accused her of misrepresenting herself as an American Indian. Apparently to tribal elders and officials just studying American Indian culture in school isn’t enough to actually be an American Indian.

Reed’s appointment in September was almost immediately mired in controversy, as some Native Americans said Dartmouth didn’t sufficiently vet Ms. Reed’s association with the Eastern Delaware Nation, which concedes it isn’t an actual tribe. Several Indian activists groups who dug into Ms. Reed’s past said they couldn’t find documentation of her claims that she had Native American heritage.

The college said in a statement last week that Reed will no longer head its Native American Program and that it was “exploring opportunities” to retain Ms. Reed in some capacity. “Unfortunately, the distraction around her appointment prevents her from effectively serving in this role,” said Dartmouth spokeswoman Diana Lawrence.

For her part, Dr. Reed could not be reached for comment. She did however release an email stating that she said she was of mixed Native and European heritage, though she didn’t specify which tribe or tribes she hailed from. She added that she had been raised participating in traditional Native ceremonies in a rural region of Pennsylvania. In other words – she “identifies” as a Native-American Indian therefore she is one. Apparently participation points count when it comes to one’s ethnic makeup.

Reed joins an esteemed list of ethnically challenged liberals including Ward Churchill, Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King.

This pattern of behavior seems to be the exclusive territory of those on the ideological left. Why is that? And to make matters even more perplexing, when one of these fake minorities is uncovered and exposed it’s the left, the very people to whom they have lied and defrauded, who are the ones to come rushing to their defense!

If anything one would think things the other way around. It’s the ideological right in America which is constantly under attack (by the left) for “not having minorities,” “being against blacks,” etc. Thus it would make the most sense for righties to be feigning black, Indian or Hispanic in order to bring some color to their side of the aisle and help blunt the effect of such accusations. Yet we never see that. Regardless of race, ethnicity or skin color we never see conservatives “identifying” as anything but conservative. Could it be because truth transcends color? Or because of adherence to a moral code about lying and deceiving others?

My father used to tell me, “If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said.” Morph that into, “You never have to remember who you are.” It’s amazing how many (liberals) are trying to forget who they are.

[Note: This article first appeared on American Thinker and was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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