Watch what happens when video gamers put on real combat gear

Clearly, apart from a very small minority, we have mostly become a soft nation, afraid of confrontation and blissfully unaware of the brutal realities of combat.

Yet, hyper realistic video games such as “Call of Duty” remain popular, where military “noobs” can pretend they are actual battle-hardened warriors.

Actual battle-hardened warriors know the difference, and thanks to Buzzfeed, got a chance to show some experienced gamers the real deal.

Four gamers met up with former Marine and Army Special Forces operator Chase Millsap who strapped on their gear, including 25 pounds of plate carrier, magazines and other kit, and set up an obstacle course for the gamers.

It was a real lesson an awful lot of folks in our nation should learn.

Thank you to all veterans and active duty military for your service in the REAL world.

[Note: This article was written by noob-in-chief, Michele Hickford]


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