Sheryl Crow to sing national anthem at first Democrat debate

It IS Vegas after all…

Apparently, CNN is so concerned viewers won’t turn into the Democrat debate this Tuesday, they’ve booked singer Sheryl Crow to sing the national anthem.

Now, we never turn down an opportunity to place hand on heart and sing “The Star Spangled Banner,” but it’s just surprising CNN would put on a display of such unabashed patriotism – not to mention injecting show business into what really should be a serious discussion of policy rather than a glitzy sporting event. I wonder which moderator will throw out the first pitch?

Unfortunately, that’s what our political process seems to have devolved into – glitzy, glamorous reality television, starring (in the GOP’s case) an actual reality television star.

So since the Democrats don’t have a ratings-grabber like Trump on the podium, they’ll wheel in avid environmentalist (and Grammy award winner), Crow who says the environment is “the mother topic. All else fails if our planet isn’t healthy.” Or we get nuked by Iran…whichever comes first.

CNN says, “Crow also said she’s hoping there will be a push among Democrats to help middle-class and poorer families by raising the minimum wage”– which of course we all know will actually HURT those very same families. Details, details.

Anyway, we’ll be tuning in if for no other reason than to see if Hillary Clinton is, as she claims, a real person.

Play ball!

[Note: This article was written by avid anthem-singer, Michele Hickford]


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