House conservatives would “look favorably” on Paul Ryan as speaker

Many conservatives cheered when John Boehner announced he was stepping down, thinking FINALLY the House would get a leader with backbone. However, that wish looks increasingly difficult to fulfill – IF a speaker is chosen from the existing field of sitting representatives.

Now it appears even the conservative House Freedom caucus is wavering on its own candidate – although perhaps some might call it a pragmatic decision.

Today, on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, House Freedom Caucus chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said Sunday that the “group would look favorably on” Paul Ryan if he ran for speaker of the House, as reported by The Daily Caller,

“Responding to a question from Fox’s Chris Wallace about if the caucus would support Ryan for speaker, Jordan made it clear that the Freedom Caucus has endorsed Daniel Webster (R-Fla.), yet spoke highly of Ryan.

“We have endorsed Daniel Webster, but Paul Ryan is a good man,” Jordan told Wallace. “He’s a great communicator, the kind of messenger I think our party needs, and certainly if he gets in the race I think our group would look favorably on him.”

Jordan added that the Freedom Caucus’s primary goal is to reform the institution and decentralize power from the party leadership.

When pressed by Wallace about if Ryan won’t agree to “really considerable decentralization,” Jordan said he thinks Paul and the next speaker has to agree to the caucus’s desired reforms.”

Or else what?

That’s the problem. Conservatives can jump up and down all they want, but what consequences can they bring to bear?

The outlook for a real change of direction in this nation seems dim and dimmer. I realize I’m just sitting in the bleachers, but from my standpoint, here’s the view:

1. The tentacles of progressivism are SO deeply entrenched in the federal government, I’m not sure where you start. How do you unravel the Department of Justice, Department of Education or the EPA?

2. There are simply not enough non-establishment folks currently in Congress to influence policy. The Republicans have a “majority” but it doesn’t mean much in the Senate.

3. It’s going to take a REALLY dramatic officer of change in the White House to make a dent – IF a GOP candidate wins. And to use up yet another analogy, it’s a pretty huge ship to turn around.

But having said that, when you look at the damage the Obama administration has wrought in just the last three years, anything is possible.

I hope.

[This article was written in the bleachers (where they have wi-fi) by Michele Hickford]

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