CNN announces lectern line-up for Democrat debate

Are you looking forward to the first Democrat presidential candidate debate on Tuesday? It will certainly be a news story regarding the viewership for this one versus the GOP debates. Other than Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, can you name the other three candidates who will be appearing?

Yes, Martin O’Malley. Very good.

And…? And…?

Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee. Who? Exactly.


Mrs. Clinton will of course get the center spot. CNN reports, “On either side of Clinton, the highest-polling candidate, are Bernie Sanders (to Clinton’s right) and Martin O’Malley (to her left). Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee, the fourth- and fifth-placing candidates, bookend the stage.

Should Vice President Biden decide to enter the race and take part in the debate, there would be a podium placed on the stage for him as well.”

I would just like to point out the correct term is actually lectern rather than podium. According to the Associated Press Style Guide, “lectern, podium, pulpit, rostrum: A speaker stands behind a lectern, on a podium or rostrum, or in the pulpit.”

You’re welcome.

[Note: This article was written from the lectern of Michele Hickford]

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