HILARIOUS: Look how Ben Carson’s using Hillary Clinton’s book in his campaign

Now, before you accuse us of favoring Ben Carson over another candidate, that’s not the case. We’re not picking a horse in this race, at least not yet.

But as one of the leading contenders currently in the GOP primary race, Dr. Ben Carson has certainly been making news. And, to be sure, he’s taken a lot of strong stances on the Constitution and shown he’s not afraid to stand up to liberal attacks. He’s demonstrated he’s willing to take a stand — and even in the face of attacks, double down on what he believes. All traits a constitutional conservative can appreciate.

In addition to tough stances on couldn’t-be-more-serious issues, Dr. Carson has also shown a sense of humor and graciousness. He cracks well-timed jokes in the debates and sloughs off even racial slurs with class.

The candidate’s humor and class shines through when he takes aim at one of our “favorite” Democrats, none other than Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Watch this video in which Carson campaign staff thank Clinton for sending a copy of her new book:


Whether or not Carson’s your first pick for the GOP nomination, dare I say we can ALL get behind a well-executed jab at the Queen?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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