Oh man: What Obama just said about Putin will leave you SPEECHLESS

Is President Obama delusional? Or just breathtakingly arrogant? Or both?

Take a look at what our dear president said in the recording of “60 Minutes” — airing tomorrow night — and judge for yourself.

Via Twitchy:

In a preview of an interview that airs on “60 Minutes” this Sunday, President Obama told Steve Kroft that he doesn’t know “in what way” Russia’s Vladimir Putin is challenging America’s leadership in the world. Oh really, Mr. President? Ground troops in Ukraine and Syria don’t count as a challenge?

Apparently not. Here’s the transcript:

We’re “literally speechless,” too.

We assume the interview was taped before this morning’s announcement that the U.S. was cancelling its program to train the Syrian rebels that Putin is using for target practice, because this would be a great follow-up question:

Yep, the “60 Minutes” interview confirms the situation’s gotten bad enough that even liberal media are starting to see it.

Too bad our president doesn’t.


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