What just happened in Afghanistan hasn’t happened since 2001… Media SILENT

No one can debate the bias of the liberal progressive media. They’ll do anything to hide the Obama administration’s failures. Consider how brutal the media was towards the Bush administration when it came to Iraq. Today, on the other hand, you’re hard-pressed to find a consistent reporting on Iraq and the failing Middle East situation from any of the mainstream media: National Barack Channel, Most Seriously National Barack Channel, All Barack Channel, Constantly Barack Station, Predictable Barack Station or the Confused News Network. If it were the Bush administration sitting in the White House watching the declining situation, it would be the consistent news story; instead, how long did these chuckleheads focus on the mythical Muslim presidential candidate story?

Remember how the liberal progressive left would refer to President Bush as dumb? What do you call a fella who says Russia is bombing in Syria from a position of weakness? Hey, ask the folks catching the bomb who’s in a position of strength. Now, that’s a truly dumb statement — and the longer you try to explain it, the dumber you appear.

And last week, there was a really dramatic setback in Afghanistan that the mainstream media kinda didn’t want to elaborate upon. As reported at Investors.com:

While President Obama was holding court at the U.N., the Taliban were taking a major Afghanistan city. The enemy’s offensive in Kunduz is an ominous sign that Afghanistan could soon go the way of Iraq. 

Despite U.S. training, Afghan soldiers could not defend the northern Afghan city, the first provincial capital and major urban area the Taliban have taken since 2001. It also showcased the insurgency’s ability to expand beyond its rural strongholds in the south of the country. 

Most alarming, just 500 insurgents were able to overpower government troops numbering several thousand. As the Taliban attacked, the U.S-trained Afghan troops dropped their weapons and ran, just like the U.S.-trained Iraqi troops did earlier this year when Islamic State forces advanced on Ramadi. 

The government soldiers retreated to the airport on the outskirts of the city. If not for U.S. drone strikes, the Taliban would have seized the airport. 

Still, the Taliban managed to occupy the city for three days before American Special Operations troops helped the reinforced Afghan army drive them out. 

But the retreating government troops left in their wake weapons, ammunition, armored vehicles and even tanks, which the Taliban quickly looted. [Sound familiar?]

And remember, Obama declared “combat operations ended” in Afghanistan. However, there are only two ways to end a war, battle, conflict, skirmish — you win or you lose. You don’t make a unilateral declaration that you quit. And to say America has withdrawn all combat troops from Afghanistan — well, tell that to the Special Forces soldiers who came to the rescue in Kunduz.

Let me explain, if you’re deployed into a combat zone — and Afghanistan is still a combat zone — you’re in combat. If people are still shooting, combat operations have not ended. Let me repeat myself here: to think, believe — or worse, say — anything to the contrary is, well, dumb.

There’s another void being created. Ask yourself, will Obama learn a lesson from Iraq? Or is a campaign promise more important — after all, gotta fill up that billion-dollar presidential library with exhibits. And one will be the “end of combat in Afghanistan” exhibit. Perhaps that exhibit belongs in Disneyland, in a new section of the park called “Fantasyland.”

If you were to go on any of the late night shows hosted by Fallon, Colbert,  or SNL, and asked what happened in Kunduz, wonder what they’d say? Chances are, they’d think it was a new restaurant down the street. But the action in Kunduz represents the facade of telling yourself what you want reality to be — not what it is — and also ensuring intel reports are sanitized. Everyone knew about the Taliban buildup in the north; after all, these cheeky fellas can’t just move about without being known. But somehow, 500 went on to do something that hadn’t been accomplished since 2001 — don’t cha think that’s immensely newsworthy? Well, not if you are the Obama state media.

Like the ISIS fighters who have easily commandeered thousands of Humvees from fleeing Iraqi soldiers, the Taliban now have armed themselves with key U.S. military equipment they can use in future incursions. 

The Taliban, which also claimed the downing of a C-130 military plane, killing 11 [that happened last week also], declared the offensive a “historic victory.” 

Sadly, they’re not overstating it. 

The sacking of Kunduz was a major tactical success for the enemy and an embarrassing blow to Obama’s Afghan strategy, which hinges on standing up a reliable national army to defend the government in Kabul. 

Obama pulled all U.S. combat troops out of Afghanistan last December, doubling down on the mistakes he made in Iraq. As predicted, the withdrawal was premature. The U.S. troops’ replacements clearly are not ready. Kunduz proves Afghan trainees are unprepared or unwilling to defend their country.

The Taliban did get pushed out of Kunduz, but the real strategic victory was their ability to return with a wealth of US military equipment. It’s a propaganda victory to say to wannabe jihadis: join us, we can achieve just as ISIS has and return to power in Afghanistan. The operation the Taliban conducted would’ve been easily expected in Kandahar, but Kunduz? They sent a message.

And the other important message they sent? That the Afghan Security forces are cowards and will not fight — exactly what the Iraqi forces did who turned and ran from ISIS in Ramadi. The American commander on the ground, General Campbell, has requested troops not be drawn down further. General Lloyd Austin IV asked the same for Iraq when he was the commander on the ground in Iraq. He requested 10,000-15,000 troops and Obama said no — did the liberal progressive media call that dumb? And if Obama pulls out all US forces in Afghanistan, what shall they say?

Combat troops are still in Afghanistan because Afghanistan is still a combat zone. Do not believe me: As the Taliban gang-raped women and sent death squads to assassinate Afghan policemen and their relatives in the city, the Afghan army cowered at the airport. That, folks, is becoming the repetitive story in combat zones abandoned by Barack Obama. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results. In simple southern lexicon we just call it dumb.

And it’s time the liberal progressive media ponies up to the Big Boy table and realize their beloved President Obama — albeit their fella — is doing lots of dumb stuff. Like giving the #1 state sponsor of Islamic terrorism $150B.


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