Network CUTS OFF football coach thanking Lord…this happens immediately

Following Clemson football’s upset of Notre Dame yesterday, a visibly emotional Clemson coach was in the middle of his post-game speech when ESPN suddenly cut to the studio, catching its anchors completely unaware. Coincidentally — or not — the coach’s emotional interview was interrupted right as he was thanking “the good Lord.”

Via Breitbart:

Clemson head football coach Dabo Swinney was giving his post-game interview after his 12th-ranked Tigers took down the fifth-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish 24-22, and then got cut off during the middle of his interview.

Watch yourself:

Swinney was in the middle of thanking “the good Lord” when the camera suddenly cut to the ESPN studio with the two anchors completely unaware and checking their tablets for almost 15 seconds before cutting back to the interview.

The network was quick to issue an apology, but many of its viewers were having none of it. The following is just a sampling of the quick and pointed response calling “BS” on ESPN’s flimsy excuse.

ESPN senior director of public relations Keri Potts shortly tweeted out an apology, saying it was an “error in TV transmission.”

And some viewers reminded the network of their right to cut off ESPN when they don’t care for what they’re hearing — the power of the free market at work again.

Sadly for many who rely on ESPN for pure sports entertainment, the network seems to increasingly be showing signs of pushing a progressive agenda that has little to do with sports. So while many viewers tune in to ESPN’s sports coverage for a much-needed respite, they may increasingly find themselves needing to seek an alternative.


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