Whoa: Look how liberal NYC responded to Chick-fil-A grand opening

We know us conservatives love us some Chick-fil-a. First and foremost, for the great food and service — but also for the company’s conservative roots. Like so many of us, the company often finds itself under attack from liberals, whether they’re trying to quash its growth into liberal dens like Chicago or Denver, or just trying to crush the company in general for having the “wrong” beliefs. We love our Chick-fil-A any day, but especially when it’s under fire, we come out in droves to demonstrate the power of the free market — and the power of a conservative movement that remains strong within this nation, despite what liberals would have you believe.

So what do you think happened when Chick-fil-A ventured into the belly of the beast — none other than New York City? New Yorkers camped out overnight in cold rain in advance of the grand opening.

Via Friday’s New York Post:

New Yorkers are already lining up outside of The Big Apple’s first stand-alone Chick-Fil-A in hopes of being one of the first 100 customers who will get the chance to win free food for a year on Friday night.

“I have been waiting for this for a year and a half now since I came to New York,’ said Sheila Walton, a 24-year-old who grew up in Georgia and now lives in Washington Heights.

“I took off work today to come here,” she added.

In the attempt to help promote Saturday’s grand opening of the chicken joint, the Atlanta-based company announced earlier this week that they would be giving out 52 free meals to the people who were first in line.

Those who are selected will then be required to camp out on the sidewalk outside the restaurant for 12 hours — and if they leave they will be replaced with one of five alternates, officials said.

Bill Pigozzi, a 27-year-old Park Slope resident who was first in line Friday afternoon, along with Walton, said he couldn’t resist the chance to “eat mor chikin” for a year without paying.

“Chick-fil-A is a Southern staple finally coming to New York,” he said, adding that he originally hails from Florida. “The fried chicken in buttermilk biscuit melts in my mouth. It’s delicious.”

Pigozzi also came prepared and with a game plan — packing an umbrella and tarp to stay dry and some movies and books to keep him entertained.

“I’m staying,” he said. “I’m from Florida. I was happy to see the rain. It increases my chances.”

New York City is expected to see drenching rains and sloppy conditions as Hurricane Joaquin makes it way up the Eastern Seaboard and out to sea.

Besides awarding 100 lucky customers free Chick-fil-A for a year, the company’s New York City grand opening feels like a win for conservative values. Liberals can do their best to quash those who don’t fall in line with their agenda, but the free market shows them who’s boss!


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