You won’t believe who Obama MADE Miss Netanyahu’s Speech…

Many of us were gripped yesterday by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly. We couldn’t help but nod our heads in agreement as Netanyahu slammed the absence of international criticism over Iranian threats against Israel — even as we shook our heads in disgust knowing what our nation’s leader has done to provide real teeth to these threats. We were gripped to hear, midway through his speech, Netanyahu pausing dramatically for 44 seconds of silence in response to what he describes as the international community’s silence on this issue. This leader demonstrated powerfully that sometimes the absence of something — in his case, words — is as powerful as a strong presence.

Apparently, President Obama had his own ideas about making a statement through absence — in this case, the absence of high-level American representation at one of our key ally’s speech to the UN.

Via Breitbart:

Breitbart News has learned that President Obama called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power into a video conference before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday.

“Ambassador Power and Secretary Kerry were unable to attend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before the General Assembly because they were called into a meeting with President Obama, which they participated in via video teleconference,” a State Department Official told Breitbart News.

Although they were both in New York for the United Nations General Assembly meetings, the two high-ranking U.S. officials were notably absent for the entirety of the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech.

“The United States was represented at the speech by Ambassador David Pressman, Alternate Representative of the United States to the United Nations for Special Political Affairs, Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro, and Ambassador Richard Erdman, Alternate Representative to the UN General Assembly,” the official added. 

During his speech before the United Nations, the Israeli Prime Minister excoriated the international body for not condemning the Iranian regime when it calls for Israel’s destruction.

“70 years after the murder of six-million Jews, Iran’s rulers promised to destroy my country, murder my people, and the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here, has been absolutely nothing. Utter silence. Deafening Silence,” Netanyahu said in his condemnation of the United Nations.

Netanyahu rallied against the Iran deal, an agreement which President Obama helped facilitate between the P5+1 world powers (US, UK, France, China, Russia, Germany) and the regime in Tehran.

In his address, Netanyahu said that Iran’s “plan to destroy Israel will fail. Israel will not permit any force on earth to threaten its future.” 

“Israel will not allow Iran to break in, to sneak in, or to walk into the nuclear weapons club,” he pledged.

Not only did President Obama yank Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech, those U.S. delegates that did attend apparently didn’t applaud when ovations broke out for remarks made by the Prime Minister about Iranian threats, according to the Daily Caller.

Once again, absence sends a loud message. However, in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s case, we admire a courageous leader who made a strong and direct point, even in the face of criticism and known lack of support from some corners. Whereas our own President Obama chose to make his point passive-aggressively to our ally, while hiding beyond flimsy and transparent excuses.

Once again, we see what real leadership looks like. And what it does not.


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