Watch: Donald Trump responds to “Do you think Muslims are a problem”

I must admit it’s refreshing to see Trump answer questions about someone other than himself. All of the Republican candidates have had to go through weeks of answering questions about Trump. I’m also glad to see the issue of radical Islam has not derailed the candidacy of Ben Carson. What is not really clear to me is why the left seems to be willing to defend radical Islam and not admit it’s a problem.

Here once again, we have CNN’s liberal host Don Lemon asking Donald Trump whether he thinks “Muslims are a problem.”

True to form, Trump didn’t beat around the Bush.

“Well, I think a certain segment are certainly a problem. And unless you want to be so politically correct where you want me to say, ‘Oh absolutely not.’ I mean you have ISIS, you have the migration, you have all this stuff,” Trump said.

“You have — you know a lot of people think you are going to end up with World War III over the Middle East. I have heard that for 25 years. There is something going on when you see beheadings. I mean beheadings, we haven’t seen that since Medieval times. Beheadings! You see dunkings. They call them dunkings, drownings, where they put people in a cage and dump them in the ocean,” he continued.

Trump said he has “great friendships” with Muslims who live in his buildings, saying they are “phenomenal” people.

Lemon asked Trump if his Muslim friends have asked him about his comments. “What do you say to them?”

“They think we have a bigger problem than we do. OK? They think we have a bigger problem because there is a radical Islamic group of people that is brutal,” Trump replied. And unless our country gets smart and tough…unless we get the right leadership, WE are in big trouble.”

Damn straight, Donald

The thing is, even being forced to explain this whole subject seems rather stupid. I mean even the left knows radical Islam is a problem. Even if we do have a president who sympathizes with these groups, people know the truth. Don’t they? This cannot be a issue of whether or not there are dangerous elements in Islam. I wonder what CNN would do if someone walked in with a briefcase full of wires and motherboards? Would Don Lemon just ask, “what time is it?”

[Note: This article was written by Earl Hall]

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