New York City to require salt warnings on chain restaurant menus

As any good liberal will tell you – government, not you, knows what’s best for you and government’s role is to make decisions in as many areas as possible for you because frankly, you’re just too stupid to make them yourself. Its the premise behind what’s often referred to as “the nanny state” and the unquestioned King of Nannyville is New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio.

So overwhelming is De Blasio’s and the radically liberal NYC Council’s desire to control as many aspects of private citizen’s lives as possible by banning everything in sight, entire websites have been set up specifically to keep track of things banned by De Blasio. He’s tried to ban people from smoking…in their own homes. Banned styrofoam, much to the chagrin of small businesses. Banned employers from credit checking job applicants as a part of their screening processes. Tried to ban large soda sizes. Banned travel to Indiana. On and on and on it goes.

(As a side note – speaking of NYC’s Council, want to see something truly amazing and an explanation for why the city is in the situation its in? Take a look at this: New York City Council Members. Might explain a lot!)

So what’s next for King Nanny? The King who has already declared war on fast food restaurants by imposing a minimum wage hike on them, but no other NYC businesses, is about to hit them again. NYC is about to become the only place in the nation requiring chain eateries to place salt warnings on their menus.

The city’s Health Department has proposed that all chain restaurants add a symbol resembling a salt shaker on menus next to food products that contain more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium, equal to about one teaspoon of salt. The department hopes the sodium warnings will appear on menus by December. The salt-reduction campaign is part of Nanny King de Blasio’s goal to reduce ‘premature mortality by 25 percent by 2040’, NY health officials said.

Federal law already mandates that restaurants provide sodium content to consumers on request. Melissa Fleischut, President of the New York State Restaurant Association said, “This proposal will add to the ‘mountain of red tape’ New York restaurants already must contend with. With separate labeling laws currently in the legislative houses and on the books at the state, federal and local levels, the composition of menus may soon have more warning labels than food products.”

But realities like this are lost on the Nanny-ists. Places where they rule –like NYC, San Francisco, Chicago– are among the most expensive places in the nation and world. The Nanny-ists either do not understand or do not care about the economic realities of constantly laying more regulations and costs upon businesses.

If all chain eateries in NYC suddenly have to have new menus made, replace or update overhead and drive-thru marquees, etc, in order to comply with this new salt-warning regulation the end result is entirely predictable. A $8.95 burrito becomes a $9.35 burrito. It’s the consumers -citizens and tourists- who pay, not the businesses. But in Nannyland none of this matters because the laws of supply, demand and economics somehow don’t apply.

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