Parents claim Ahmed Mohamed “severely traumatized”

The story of the Muslim clock kid Ahmed Mohamed gets fishier by the day — increasingly smacking of a fraud concocted to further a liberal narrative. Starting with the question of why the teen felt compelled to show off the bomb-like clock to his English teacher — after his Engineering teacher warned him to put it away; to the fact that he refused to cooperate with police; to the disclosure that his sister purportedly had been suspended previously over fears she’d planned to blow up the school; to the evidence suggesting Ahmed did not, in fact, make the clock himself after all. Meanwhile, the teen openly relished the newfound fame and opportunities presented to him, even as we were supposed to feel outrage at the way he was treated for such an innocent act as falsely representing a project he made and then failing to follow directions from teachers to avoid school disruption.

Now, even as the teen continues to revel in his 15 minutes — going on 15 days — of fame, his parents are now claiming the teen has been “severely traumatized” by his arrest and three-day suspension from school. Yep, straight out of the liberal playbook, this victim is lawyering up and looking for “justice.”

Via Breitbart:

The parents of Ahmed Mohamed, the Irving, Texas teen who brought a suspected “hoax bomb” to high school, claim that “Ahmed has been severely traumatized” by his high profile run-in with the law.

Mohamed served three days suspension following an arrest over the confusing-looking suitcase timepiece he crafted on his own volition, a 120 volt mass of circuitry and wires from a commercially dissembled clock. The high school freshman took it in to show off to his high school engineering teacher, who after seeing it advised him to put it in his locker. 

Instead, the teen brought it to his English class where he freaked out that teacher when the plugged in homemade experiment started to beep. “She was like, it looks like a bomb,” Ahmed Mohamed told news media. School district administrators and Irving police thought it resembled a bomb, too, however, no charges were filed.

Through a press release last Wednesday, the family insisted their son now suffers with severe trauma as a result of his ordeal. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very serious affliction often associated with prolonged military combat. Symptoms vary. They often surface within three months of a traumatic event, although, in some cases manifest years later. They must be ongoing for at least a month after an incident to be diagnosed. The Mayo Clinic lists a few key symptoms as memory flashbacks, avoiding talking about the traumatic event, inability to remember aspects of the traumatic event, negative feelings and hopelessness, trouble concentrating or sleeping, easily startled or frightened, and self-destructive behavior. PTSD’s many tell-tale signs make it difficult to go about daily life, go to school or work, be with friends, or take care of important tasks says the National Institute of Mental Health.

In spite of the purported trauma, the 14-year-old darling of social justice media made the rounds this week — from Google to Comedy Central to Dr. Oz and the United Nations. During his stint on The Nightly Show, Comedy Central host Larry Wilmore kibitzed with clock-in-a-box boy, asking if it was “cool” to get arrested.

Mohamed admitted it was “kind of cool.” He chirped, “The only reason I felt cool about it was because I knew I was innocent and I knew that if I took it to court I would win.” The audience roared in support of the teen who then calmly stood up and reenacted being handcuffed, wearing the same NASA t-shirt he sported in a slew of initial news media appearances.

This week, the severely traumatized Mohamed tweeted a lot — “Going to Cali!!!,” “#NYC here I come!,” and expressed zeal over meeting Comedy Central’s Wilmore. Mohamed announced his new Instagram account for the official I Stand with Ahmed Report for “my updates” and, on Friday, tweeted: “I’m enjoying New York!!!! It’s so awesome.”

The suitcase clockmeister looked chipper during his Google visit and on set with Dr. Oz for the Muslim holiday Eid.

I’m not a psychologist, but Ahmed’s behavior since the incident sure doesn’t suggest PTSD to me. And I find it outrageous that his parents would compare what the teen supposedly suffered to what our good men and women in uniform endure as a result of their service to this nation. Makes you wonder, too, has Ahmed been diagnosed by a psychologist — or just a couple of lawyers?

Also quite interesting to note his parents issued the press release claiming Ahmed’s “severe trauma” on the same day — just hours before — Ahmed giddily appear on Comedy Central, wearing the NASA t-shirt that appears to have become part of his “brand.”

Oh, and despite his busy schedule appearing on Comedy Central and meeting with Google, Ahmed also made time for this:

Mohamed met Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu at a New York press event this weekend, using his newfound fame to accuse Texans of racism and anti-Muslim discrimination for his being taken into custody.

Yeah, no chance there was an agenda behind this charade.


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