School district bans tag for children’s emotional safety

As part of the ongoing liberal agenda to “wussify” America, a school district in the far left (both geographically and ideologically) state of Washington recently made the decision to ban one of childhood’s most revered and ancient games: the game of “tag.”

Yes folks “you’re IT” has finally been deemed too stressful, too emotionally taxing, and possibly, too “physical” for the hyper sensitive youth of the millennium.

According to Q 13 Fox via Last Resistance, “Officials in the Mercer Island School District in Washington State made an executive decision to ban the game of tag on the playground to “ensure physical, emotional safety of students.”

Nope, you cannot make this up.

Parents weren’t even notified of the decision. They only found out because their kids told them.

Obviously, parents are upset, not just because their kids aren’t allowed to play tag anymore, but also because they weren’t consulted in the school’s decision-making.

The district responded to an inquiry from Q13 Fox with this email about the no-tag policy:

“The Mercer Island School District and school teams have recently revisited expectations for student behavior to address student safety. This means while at play, especially during recess and unstructured time, students are expected to keep their hands to themselves. The rationale behind this is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.

“School staffs are working with students in the classroom to ensure that there are many alternative games available at recess and during unsupervised play, so that our kids can still have fun, be with their friends, move their bodies and give their brains a break.”

Apparently, “fun” is now defined as never getting tagged out, never having to be “it,” never having to chase someone and lose, never being chased and never getting caught — in other words, never having an experience that is the least bit frustrating, humbling, or exhilarating. Ah, yes, nothing like preparing the little darlings to cope with LIFE. This type of insanity has done nothing but produce a whole generation of hyper-sensitive simpering neurotic semi-adults who cannot fend for themselves in college. In fact, college students must now have free speech “safe zones” where students can escape the trauma of open debate in a space that includes cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets, and a video of puppies. I kid you not.

This type of statist interference has created fat kids and fatter adults (sorry, full-figured). It is the sponsor of the “hand out a trophy for just showing up” mentality. When you compare the 18-year-olds of today’s America to the young men who landed on Normandy or took Iwo Jima, it’s clear our nation is in bad shape physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What’s really scary is that this insanity has reached its tentacles into our media, our military, our political leadership and our churches. America is producing a wimp/wimpette every three minutes. That, my friends, explains the huge popularity of outspoken strong voices from the likes of Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina – and of course, our own LTC (Ret.) Allen West. Let us pray wimpiness may soon be on the way out! But don’t quote me on that — I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]

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