Here are MY thoughts on the Muslim president issue…

There’s been a lot of chatter about one GOP presidential candidate’s comments about a Muslim president. It’s certainly sparked quite a bit of debate about whether the Muslim religion is compatible with the Judeo-Christian principles on which our nation was founded. And the certain unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness bestowed on us by our Creator. Certainly, Ben Carson is correct in his remark that anyone running for president should embrace our nation’s Constitution — and anyone who can’t do that should not be running.

Of course, we all know the current occupant of the White House has ignored the Constitution, leading us down a very dangerous path. Which raises a seminal question integral to the future of this constitutional republic: What are the responsibilities of government?

Government doesn’t create its own capital; it taxes citizens in order to provide services. We need to consider those services are — and I mean from the federal to state to county to local municipality levels. The growing problem we have in the United States is that government is being used to advance an ideological agenda. And that means government — ok, let’s be honest, a group of progressive socialists — is using the American taxpayer dollar to further its ideological perspective. And, within that, what they deem social justice — a very subjective assessment.

I present to you an example at the municipal level. As reported by

Jersey City is expanding the health care it offers city workers to include coverage for transgender medical care and related procedures, including gender reassignment surgery. 

Mayor Steve Fulop is expected to make the announcement tomorrow afternoon. City officials say Jersey City will be the first large city in the state, and one of a few in the nation, to offer such coverage. 

“Government has a responsibility to be a legitimizing force, to pull people in the direction of what is right, especially on LGBT issues” Fulop says in a statement provided to The Jersey Journal. “We’re making sure that our transgender neighbors get the care they need.” 

Jersey City is joining a wave of municipalities — including Chicago, San Fransisco and Philadelphia — in offering gender reassignment surgery as a health benefit for its transgender workers. 

The city says expanding health care for transgender workers costs a fraction of one percent of the city’s current healthcare costs.

Ponder the words of Jersey City Mayor Fulop: “government has the responsibility to be a legitimizing force, to pull people in the direction of what is right, especially on LGBT issues.” Does anyone else realize how dangerous these words are? Mayor Fulop is advocating for activist government, tyrannical in nature. He’s promoting an ideal that through force, coercion and use of its power, government must “pull people in the direction of what is right.”

Mayor Fulop, who defines what’s right? Do five people on the US Supreme Court get to decide what’s right and therefore “pull people” in the direction they desire?

And, of course, the justification is that, hey, it’s just a fraction of one percent of the city’s healthcare costs. That’s not the point; the issue is the principle. Is it the government’s responsibility to pull people in the direction it wants — and define what’s right? This is the vital issue in the 2016 election: the role and responsibility of government.

The US Constitution was written as a constraining document on the federal government. What happens when you get a president and ensuing administration that deems their responsibility, as government, is to “pull people” in their ideological direction — through which they define what’s “right”? Well, you get the America in which we live today. And consider how in the US military, a convicted criminal Private Bradley Manning will have taxpayer-funded “gender reassignment” surgery — because someone, supposedly the Commander-in-Chief, deemed the US military had to be “pulled” in the direction of what’s right.

If an individual decides he doesn’t like how God created him, it’s not government’s responsibility to be a “legitimizing force” to pull people into surrendering their taxpayer funds for an individual behavioral choice. So where does this end? In Jersey City, if a woman wants breast enhancement, will Mayor Fulop deem that as a direction for which his city government should use its legitimizing force?

What progressive socialism ideology promotes is something antithetical to who we are as Americans. We’ve been endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If the individual decides her pursuit of happiness is changing her gender, she has the liberty to do so. But the socialist mentality is that individuals can’t pursue their own happiness. Therefore, it becomes government’s responsibility as a legitimizing force to “guarantee” happiness — that is, if it’s aligned with the direction it deems right.

Needless to say, when an American wants to start a business and seek the American dream, well, according to President Barack Obama in 2012, “if you own a business, you didn’t build that.”

The progressive socialist concept of government is not that it’s of the people, by the people and for the people. It is, as Mayor Fulop stated, a “legitimizing force” which crushes the individual by pulling people in the direction the government deems right. This is a dangerous premise and I have to hand it to Mayor Steve Fulop; he fully embraces and admits to it. Yep, there’s a lot of chatter about having a Muslim president. I don’t want another progressive socialist president.

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