Whoa: Bill Maher EXPLODES about Muslim clock kid

I’m sick to death of this administration sympathizing with Islam. In addition to the Iran deal, the story of this “black Muslim kid” being invited to the White House is sickening, while President Obama all but ignores the growing list of men and women in blue who’ve been murdered in cold blood in the line of duty. To make matters even worse, almost the whole left side of the aisle is making this 14-year-old kid out to be a martyr.

But at least one notable — and especially surprising — voice of the left is chiming in with a sound dose of reason to counteract the latest liberal lunacy. Indeed, one comedian with whom I’ve rarely found myself agreeing sounds refreshingly right on the topic of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed.

As BizPac Review reports:

Even comedian Bill Maher thinks liberals are loony on the subject of the Muslim teenager who built a clock in a briefcase.

He said they need to forget being politically correct when safety is at stake.

Texas youth Ahmed Mohamed, 14, a Muslim, was arrested for bringing his homemade clock, which looked like a bomb, to school.

“It’s not the color of his skin!” Maher shouted after illegal immigration activist and Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos insisted that was the reason Mohamed was arrested. “Somebody look my in the eye and tell me right here if so many young Muslim men – hasn’t blown a lot of s**t up around the world.”

“For the past 30 years it’s been one culture that has been blowing s**t up over and over again,” Maher added.

How about that? Using facts and history to inform our actions — like the fact that history’s shown us that young Muslim men have been using various devices, many homemade and improvised, to blown things up. And yet, many liberals want us to completely ignore these facts, this history, and open ourselves up to more such attacks. Wonder how many of the parents at Ahmed’s school felt it acted appropriately cautious in this case?

And Bill Maher’s not the only hard-core liberal telling folks to calm down in this matter. Even thrill-up-my-leg Chris Matthews thinks many on the left were too quick to judge in this matter.

Even liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews said the rush to judgment by liberals declaring the teachers and police wrong was a mistake.

“One of the problems we got is this willingness to take sides in a fight like this without knowing what the hell happened,” Matthews said. “Everybody goes right to their battle stations, [saying] ‘I’m with the minority. The minority was right, those teachers are wrong’ How do you know?”

“It’s all cartoon,” Matthews said. “Everything’s a f***ing cartoon.”

Watch the entire clip below — even if you typically have a hard time watching Bill Maher, you’ll want to see this:

As Maher suggests in the clip, yes, perhaps this particular 14-year-old deserves an apology. Though, as Chris Matthews notes, apparently Ahmed Mohamed wasn’t forthcoming with teachers about his “clock,” which may have — understandably — only heightened the alarm.

But the larger point is that we need to keep some perspective about the situation. We have kids in America being detained in schools and arrested for bringing knives and play guns to school. We even have the infamous Pop Tart gun which led to a seven-year-old’s suspension from school. (Of course, he was white — not Muslim — so perhaps that explains the harsh penalty he was dealt as opposed to the immediate, knee-jerk high-profile opportunities Ahmed is receiving.)

THIS KID BROUGHT IN WHAT LOOKED TO BE A BOMB! Does this look like a clock to you?


Of course, many news outlets actually showed a ‘clock’ as if that is what the kid brought in — guess the above photo of the actual doesn’t support the narrative they want to promote. I wonder what would’ve happened if this kid brought this to any airport in the world? (We already know a three-year-old gets his fart blaster confiscated….)

Yes, we live in a mixed-up, liberal loony world. The fact that even the likes of Bill Maher and Chris Matthews are calling for perspective from the latest liberal outcry tells us just how far we’ve gone. Are we so far gone we may be actually coming around to the other side of sanity again?

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