We’re DOOMED: Look what Iran “discovered” during the very first nuke inspection

The Obama administration has been touting the checks and balances through inspections that will ensure Iran plays by the letter of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). They’ve stated there will be consequences to any violations by Iran – I don’t know what, because any restoration of sanctions requires a committee. As well, there was supposed to be a complete disclosure of any related documents to the U.S. Congress – but then we found out about the side deals between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Iran.

And here’s just another example of how completely absurd this whole “deal” is, with the Iranians actually allowed to do their own inspections at one of its most sensitive sites.

Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) writes, ” As part of the recent nuclear deal, Iran on Monday handed over to the UN nuclear body alleged samples from the covert Parchin military base, which reportedly has been a key site used to test nuclear detonators. The samples were taken by Iranian scientists with UN scientists not allowed on the site.

The “environmental sampling from some specific parts within the Parchin complex” was conducted in the past week, Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi told state media. “It was done by Iranian experts, in the absence of IAEA inspectors,” Kamalvandi said, clarifying that International Atomic EnergyAgency (IAEA) staff who visited Iran last week were not allowed on the site.

The transfer of the materials comes in the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) work to determine possible military aspects of Iran’s nuclear program by the end of the year, as part of a classified side deal between Iran and the IAEA that has been kept secret from the US Congress.”

That side deal stipulates that Iran will inspect Parchin itself, with no international inspectors allowed in. IAEA Chief Yukiya Amano on Sunday was granted brief access to Parchin during a one-day visit to the country, although his tour was a far cry from a full inspection of the site, which the IAEA has long requested access to that Iran has long denied.”

I would presume that in the case of wanting to establish good relations early in the stages of the JCPOA, Iran would be more accommodating — nah. Why should they when they hold the high ground? I’d like someone, anyone explain to me where Iran has shown any measure of contrition since “signing” the JCPOA. And of course the materials handed over by the Iranians are just perfect, kinda like Goldilock’s bowl of porridge — and that was a fairy tale too.

The Parchin military complex has been a controversial site and the Iranian regime has consistently kept inspectors from this site. “Despite Iran’s claims that Parchin is unrelated to its nuclear program, last October it admitted to using Parchin to test exploding bridge wires, used as nuclear detonators.”

Oops, another inconvenient truth for all parties involved, but then again what is truth regarding Iran? We will have no idea about what will exist on the ground in that country, now or in the future. And what is most disconcerting is the fact the West continues to acquiesce to Iran and accept their back handed actions. We have no verification apparatus in place to know what Iran is, or is willing, to do.

Some may say Iran is a sovereign country and has every right to restrict any access to its facilities. Nah, that would mean even as you seek to advance an agenda of terror in the world, you can make the case against transparency against evil. Perhaps the great Western powers back in 1936-1939 should have done something instead of allowing Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany to build its massive war machine. Ronald Reagan coined the phrase, “trust but verify”…with Iran we should not do the first because we will not be able to do the latter.

I’m no nuclear scientist but I know a little something about history. Every day Iran doesn’t have its nuclear program dismantled means we are marching closer to a greater global conflagration. Chamberlain said there would be “peace in our time.” Hitler said the 1938 Munich Accord was just a “piece of paper.” Just ask yourself, on which course do you believe we are embarking?


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