BREAKING: European Union just made a decision that could start a war in Europe

With Iran racing towards obtaining a nuclear weapon and threatening America and Israel on a daily basis with annihilation, it has been the assumption of many that World War III would start in the Middle East.

However, perhaps we’ve been looking in the wrong place. Although the “refugee” crisis in Europe is a consequence of turmoil in the Middle East, it may well be Europe where the flash point comes.

As the BBC reports, today European Union interior ministers have approved a controversial plan to relocate 120,000 migrants across the continent over the next two years.

It will see migrants moved from Italy, Greece and Hungary to other EU countries.

However, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary voted against accepting mandatory quotas.

The EU ministers were voting on a plan to apportion 120,000 refugees – but that’s still only a fraction of refugees flowing into Europe. The UN says close to 480,000 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea this year, and are now reaching European shores at a rate of nearly 6,000 a day. EACH DAY!


The assumption has been that Syrians have been fleeing their war-torn country, facing death if they remain.

But according to the Daily Mail, “only one in every five migrants claiming asylum in Europe is from Syria.

The figures from Eurostat, the EU’s official statistical agency, show that migration from April to June was running at double the level of the same period in 2014.

Half a million migrants have arrived in Europe so far this year, with 156,000 coming in August alone.”

The New York Times says “representatives from countries that favor the plan could decide to pass the measure by a majority vote later on Tuesday. But doing so would risk imposing an unworkable system on countries that have balked at accepting quotas of migrants. Putting in place the system without broad agreement would also exacerbate the disharmony in Europe that has already led to the reintroduction of border controls by some countries.”

The BBC says “Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico said he would not implement the quotas as long as he was in office.

Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec tweeted: “Very soon we will realise the emperor has no clothes. Today was a defeat for common sense.”

“One of the most intransigent countries in the migration crisis has been Hungary, which has become a front line for migrants seeking asylum elsewhere, like Germany. The government in Budapest has already built a razor-wire fence along its border with Serbia, is bolstering its border along Croatia and has granted its army extra powers to deal with migrants, including allowing the use of tear gas, rubber bullets and other weapons, provided no lethal force is used.”

Yeah, for now.

I fear this is a tinderbox just waiting to explode. Between rioting “refugees” and growing animosity between EU member states, we could be witnessing a perfect storm brewing.

Don’t think battle lines won’t be drawn between those nations who will accept more refugees and those who will not. And don’t think all those “refugees” are just looking for a better life either.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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