Obama should be made to answer for what was HIDDEN in this ship

One of the policies of President Obama that has had horrendous consequences for the world was his unconstitutional engagement into Libya. The progressive socialist left wishes not to delve into what happened there, which resulted in the collapse of an entire country. It allowed Islamic jihadists to come in and take over Libya. It meant four Americans were abandoned and murdered by those jihadists. And it means the jihadists have a new base of operations from which to launch their attacks — just ask Egypt. Worse, it means a wave of immigrants fleeing North Africa. But there is even more, and the episode of disaster in Libya is nowhere near conclusion.

As reported by the International Business Times, “A large cache of weapons and ammunition found hidden aboard a cargo ship heading to an Islamist-controlled port in Libya was manufactured in Turkey, investigating officials said, possibly to be bartered for oil with the civil war-torn country.

The Greek coastguard seized the Bolivian-flagged vessel Haddad 1 off the island of Crete earlier in September. A search of its cargo revealed almost 500,000 rounds of ammunition and 5,000 rifles, as well as more than 4,900 cartons of cigarettes. A high-ranking coastguard official with direct knowledge of the investigation confirmed to IBTimes UK that the vessel was headed for Libya’s western port city of Misrata, currently controlled by an Islamist coalition known as Libya Dawn, at a time when the whole country is under a United Nations arms embargo. Greek authorities have not yet ascertained where the illicit cargo was loaded, although initial evidence suggests it was Iskenderun, in southern Turkey, about 50km from the Syrian border, the last port visited by the Haddad 1 before it was intercepted.”

There is some hard evidence that the Obama administration was involved in an arms transfer operation coming out of Libya through Turkey destined to support “friendly” jihadists in Syria. That may have been a better plan than the $500 million fiasco of training 54 Syrian rebels, most of whom have now been killed or captured by the Al Nusra Front in Syria.

The point being, there can be no doubt that a pipeline exists between Libya, Turkey and Syria for the purpose of transiting arms and materiel support to Islamic jihadists groups. And we continue to see the jihadists use oil as a means by which to further sustain their operations. We know ISIS has been in the business of black market oil sales for some time as a revenue stream.

Perhaps at the next debate, moderators will ask questions of the presidential candidates on this subject. Now, I cannot wait for the first Democrat Party debate I wonder if anyone will ask the question of the failed Libyan policy? Heck, you think Hillary Clinton will be asked about the little plastic toy “Russian reset button?” Methinks, not.

I challenge our beloved liberal progressive fans who frequent this website to articulate a foreign policy success for the Obama administration. Maybe, explain to this audience what was the strategic objective in destabilizing Libya in complete violation of the War Powers Act? Was Moammar Gaddafi a bad dude? Yes, but he’d been brought under control. As a matter of fact, post Operation Iraqi Freedom, Gaddafi had ceased his nuclear weapons program and there are taped conversations showing he and his son were willing to depart Libya and go into exile.

What Barack Obama did in Libya was create chaos, provide material support to the enemy, and then allow the Islamic jihadists to take advantage of the deplorable situation. And let’s remember that it was President Obama who gave one of his first speeches to the Turkish General Assembly back in 2009 and stated that Prime Minister Recip Erdogan was a close friend. This is the Turkey who stood by and watched the ISIS assault of Kobani against the Kurds. This is the same Turkey from which the ship Haddad 1 set sail with its cargo.

According to IB Times, “Documents for the cargo stated that the rusty 65m ship carried only household items, the official who spoke on condition of anonymity, said. Pieces of furniture, including drawers and cupboards were on board, but as camouflage for the illicit load. “When we opened the containers there was a first layer of household items as a cover, which, if removed [revealed] the weapons and ammunition,” the official said. Greek detectives said they are still investigating who was to be the final recipient of the cargo. Local media suggested the weapons might have been directed to the Islamic State (ISIS) local offshoot, a rival of Libya Dawn, but no substantial evidence to support the claim has emerged.”

The liberal progressive media was all over President Reagan and Iran-Contra, but where are they today? That’s right, I forgot, it’s their guy in the White House, and their gal who wants to be in the White House. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton must be made to answer, but then again, “what difference at this point does it make?”

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