Black man stopped by white cop; media doesn’t cover what happens next

Of course this story could have ended so much differently. Was this man targeted for “Driving While Black?” No, he was simply driving too fast for the stated speed limit. Was he treated differently by the policeman because of his skin color? Nope, the officer was just doing his job.

This story is carried out thousands of times each day across our fruited plain. But unfortunately, you will never, ever hear about it. So that’s why we’re broadcasting it.

Read Greg Barnes’ story of his traffic stop below, and feel a little bit better about our nation. Greg says, “I can’t stress enough that NO demographic and/or profession of people are all bad. Neither of us are the enemy. We can continue to fight against each other until we are literally “black and blue”, or we can show one another the respect we inherently deserve, not as “black man” and “blue police officer”, but as humans. None greater, none less.”



Yet according the #BlackLivesMatter folks and its public relations arm, the mainstream media, black people are targeted at a wildly disproportionately higher rate than their white counterparts simply because of their skin color. Except, that’s not really true.

According to a Bureau of Justice study released in 2013, in 2011, there were very small racial differences in the percentage of drivers who were ticketed. A greater percentage of black (7 percent) and Hispanic (6 percent) drivers were ticketed than white drivers (5 percent). But we’re talking a difference of one or two percentage points. And here’s another interesting fact. Only one percent of drivers pulled over in traffic stops had physical force used against them by police. Of these drivers, 55 percent believed the police behaved properly during the stop. So even with the folks who had force used against them, over half believed it was justified.

But you’ll never see that in the media either.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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