Here’s the photo cop-bashers do NOT want you to see… It’s going viral

A critical strategy for those who wish to stir up blame, hate and violence against our men and women in blue is selectively highlighting situations that support their narrative. And even those they can simply “enhance” to fit their narrative; the phony Michael Brown “hands up don’t shoot” comes to mind here.

Just as important is ignoring incidents that contradict the narrative that our law enforcement is a bunch of bad apples, racist and overly aggressive, just waiting for an opportunity to pull the trigger.

That’s why the Black Lives Matter folks and even President Obama himself likely wish you wouldn’t see what happened the other day of Hueytown, AL.


A photo of a Hueytown officer taking care of a little girl who was in a wreck this week is gaining lots of attention after the police department posted it on Facebook.

The image shows a Hueytown officer walking next to the toddler, who is holding a stuffed animal.


“This child was riding in a vehicle that was part of a three-car accident today,” Police Chief Chuck Hagler said in the post, which was shared on Thursday.

“She was very upset until she made a new friend, one of my officers. Moments like this are the best part of what we do, but you won’t see it on the news,” Hagler said.

So far the post has been shared 1,597 times and has been “liked” by almost 3,000 people.

The top comment comes from a person who said she drove by the wreck.

“The care your office took with this little girl made my heart smile!” Marjorie Roberts posted.

Police departments often collect stuffed animals to give to children who are involved in a wreck or other situations where they may be scared.

“This way we have something to give to that child to alleviate some of that fear that they may have with the police department,” Birmingham Police Sgt. Charles Singletary said.

Once again, on behalf of so many Americans, I say thank you to the brave men and women who not only protect us daily, but as this photo reminds us, go above and beyond with acts of care for those they serve.


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