With one huge obstacle to Biden run removed, this ONE question remains

We predicted some time ago — back when Hillary Clinton’s star remained high, if you can even remember that now — Vice President Joe Biden would come off the sidelines and ultimately become the Democrat presidential nominee. Sure enough, the buzz — and Democrat hope — around this has been steadily increasing in direct proportion to the near-panic surrounding fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

Reports consistently suggest Biden’s doing much soul-searching and taking his time to decide whether he’ll jump into the race, especially given the recent death of his son, Beau.

Now, sources tell NBC News that one big obstacle to Biden’s run has just been removed, putting him one big step closer to getting into the race. As NBC News reports:

Contrary to reports suggesting Vice President Joe Biden’s wife remains an obstacle to his potential presidential run, sources tell NBC News that Jill Biden is fully behind him for another bid. 

Jill Biden, sources tell NBC’s Chuck Todd, is 100 percent on-board with a presidential run, despite reports indicating her hesitation is part of what’s keeping Biden from jumping into the race. 

And that looks more likely by the day, as sources have indicated Biden’s been meeting with Democratic leaders during his travels around the nation over the past week to tell them he wants to do it and thinks there’s room for him to make a credible bid if he does. 

The key question that’s still weighing on his mind as he decides whether to make another go of it: Does he have the emotional energy to give it his all, sources say. 

But Biden knows that if he has any hopes of winning the nomination, he’s better off deciding whether to run by Oct. 1 than waiting until the drop-dead deadline of Nov. 5, the day before the first Democratic primary filing deadline, in Alabama. 

Deciding within the next three weeks would give him a slot in the first Democratic primary debate, on Oct. 13 in Las Vegas. 

If Biden indeed decides to jump in, it appears he’ll have donors waiting to welcome and get behind him. Just Friday, A group of prominent Democratic Party fundraisers began circulating a letter to encourage the hesitant vice President to enter the race.

And if Biden does run, will the GOP be ready? As we wrote here some time back in predicting a Biden nomination:

So in this game of thrones and political chess, the GOP had best wake up and prepare for this to happen or else they will get bushwhacked. If the GOP runs the same ol’ white guy ticket, they’ll have once again lost by not realizing visuals are very important in the new arena of political American Idol. I do not consent to the politics of identity politics, but I am savvy enough to recognize the tactics of my adversary and make the proper adjustments. Will the GOP? There are many options for conservatives to present a challenging ticket that takes away the desired advantage Obama and the left are going to seek.

With a woman now polling at #2 in the GOP primary race, followed by an African-American at #3 — along with a pool that includes strong contenders who are both children of Cuban immigrants — conservatives indeed do have options to present a challenging ticket. One that fulfills both the imperative to get strong conservative leaders of substance back in the White House and can beat the left at its own game.

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