ESPN host HAMMERS Seattle Seahawks player for Black Lives Matter comment

Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks football player, stepped in it when he spoke up at a press conference and said:

“I think as long as we have black-on-black crime and, you know, one black man killing another — if black lives matter, then it should matter all the time,” Sherman said. “You should never let somebody get killed — that’s somebody’s son, that’s somebody’s brother, that’s somebody’s friend. So you should always keep that in mind.”

While this simple comment may make perfect sense to you and me — and, in fact, we’ve reported frequently on this very issue — it apparently caused problems for the Black Lives Matter supporters.

ESPN host Michael Smith responded to Sherman’s comments with a perfect example of liberal illogic — it doesn’t matter if it makes sense, it’s our policy.

As The Blaze reports:

Smith called Sherman’s observations “dead wrong.”

“I respect the hell out of Richard Sherman, what he’s done, where he’s come from to where he is now. He’s a smart brother,” Smith said. “I like him a lot, but he’s dead wrong on this. And with all due respect I think he needs to do a little more reading … a little more introspection before he starts speaking on this. Because … it undermines the message and the movement that is Black Lives Matter.”

Smith went on to say that “black-on-black crime has nothing to do with crimes against black people by the state.” He added that while blacks usually go to jail when they commit murder, “when police kill unarmed black men … they may not go to jail let alone even go to trial.”

He then hammered Sherman for starting an “alternative conversation” that doesn’t help the Black Lives Matter movement.

An “alternative conversation”? How dare he! Must stay on liberal progressive script — in this case, the Black Lives Matter one in particular — at all times. Do not dare inject your own “alternative” opinion.

“If Richard Sherman wants to run in politics someday, please don’t run on a respectability politics platform as if the Black Lives Matter movement and the problems it is [trying] to combat are the result of problems we have brought on ourselves,” Smith said. “We’ve got to get over that. We’ve got to get beyond that. And I’m just a little disappointed to hear Richard Sherman speak on that and validate the people who think that. We hear that enough every day.”

Smith’s comments were sadly predictable. The Black Lives Matter crowd seems to want absolutely none of the blame placed on individuals, who — through their own criminal actions — come into contact with the police and then get hurt when refusing to comply with lawful orders, and/or attacking or fighting with the officers. This has become standard fare for the whole conversation. And while neither the above-described thugs or the Black Lives Matter crowd represent anywhere near ALL blacks — indeed, they are a small minority of this population — liberals expect all blacks to stick to the agenda and use the standard script.

What’s really interesting though are some of the comments made by readers of the news story on the Blaze.

Michael Smith would have us believe that he cares more about crimes against blacks than Richard Sherman does, because Smith is concerned about the 1% of blacks who are harmed by government workers, whereas Sherman is addressing the 99% of blacks who are harmed by other blacks. ESPN has picked well how to best wind up the race issue that Sherman was trying to put into proper perspective.

Yes, it appears that ESPN is increasingly veering from its sports roots to lobby for its rightful place among the liberal “news” media — honoring transgender Caitlin Jenner an award for courage, reporting on the sexual preferences of athletes and now mixing it up in the race wars encouraged by Black Lives Matter and bolstered by none other than our Divider-in-Chief, Barack Obama.

Increasingly, Americans of all colors are seeing right through this — and have have enough.

I gave up on ESPN a long time ago….but for me sports are a sanctuary…a release…you watch them and play them to get away from the crap of daily life. They’re one of the few things that bring people of all creeds, races and ideologies together for a an hour or two. And here’s ESPN crapping all over that too. 

Anyone else want to tell ESPN to just shut up and just give us the sports and spare us the “issues” commentary?

We hope Americans like Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman will continue to speak the truth as they see it themselves — rather than rottenly recite someone else’s script.


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