MUST WATCH 1-min video exposes the full horror of Planned Parenthood

It is unconscionable that at a time when the Obama administration wants to cut the active duty US Army by 40,000 troops and allow entry of 10,000 Syrian “refugees,” the DC liberal media is talking about a government shutdown. And over what?

President Obama threatens to veto any continuing resolution budget legislation that does not include $550 million to fund Planned Parenthood. Apparently President Obama cherishes killing babies and harvesting their body parts more than fighting and killing Islamic jihadists. If the House and Senate GOP leadership cannot make that simple point, they should be removed, and I would be happy to debate the issue.

If Barack Obama wants to force the entire government to shut down over providing US taxpayer dollars to a private sector, not-for-profit organization that is running a $1 billion profit — I want to hear the liberal progressive media explain that to the American people.

The policy preferences for Barack Obama have nothing to do with upholding the highest moral principles and values, or protecting our Republic. It is about an ideological agenda that is the antihesis to who we are, these United States of America. The US federal government will continue to operate. Let the rich liberal progressive Hollywood elites and George Soros pony up the $550 million for the evil we now know Planned Parenthood carries out.

Per #WhyAreWePayingForThis, “The Center for Medical Progress has released ten undercover videos that reveal the true nature of Planned Parenthood and its partners. The videos show Planned Parenthood clearly trying to wring every dollar it can out of every abortion it performs, undermining its claim to be a “non-profit women’s health organization.”

Planned Parenthood’s only response is to claim that the videos are heavily edited. While essentially ignoring the entire scandal, the mainstream media has dutifully reported these conclusions.

While the videos are clipped for waiting periods between meetings and bathroom breaks, there’s no way to manipulate the video of tiny hands and feet being sifted or the laughter from the executives about prices high enough to buy a Lamborghini. Video editing cannot create the clear hunger for profit or the condescension when discussing lab techs who aren’t desensitized enough to handle fetal parts.

It’s easy to counter this narrative: listen to what Planned Parenthood’s employees in the videos actually say. The video collects some of the lowlights excerpted from the footage, and lets the abortionists and their political defenders speak for themselves.

Please pass this along to make sure everyone understands what is being condoned and funded by our government. Get the government OUT of the business of abortion and trafficking in human fetuses.

Watch the full videos here.

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