As migrant invasion escalates, Hungary makes SHOCKING claim

Hungary has begun construction of a second fence at its border with Croatia, as the first fence with Serbia simply re-routed the tide of “refugees” entering the country.

First a bit of background. You may be wondering why Hungary? Well, Hungary is basically the first stop in the “Schengen Area,” comprised of 26 countries, which except for Iceland and Norway, are part of the European Union. It essentially functions as a single country for international travel purposes. Once an individual makes it into the Schengen Area, he is free to travel anywhere within the member countries. No passport required. No border control. So if you can squeeze past Croatia, Slovakia or Romania into Hungary (or Austria), you’re in.

Here’s a map for reference.

(per Wikipedia)

And here’s what’s going on in Hungary as a result.

But according to Hungary’s minister for foreign affairs and trade Peter Szijjártó, it’s going to get much, much worse.

As the Express reports, Szijjártó said “it is a self delusion to call this situation a migration crisis; it is a massive migration of nations, with inexhaustible reserves.

“I don’t think that the analysis results, stating that 30-35 million people out there could possibly become migrants, would be an exaggeration.

Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are all countries with a huge population and an extremely unstable situation. The recent international political decisions created an unstable situation around Europe that makes sure that the amount of people won’t decrease.”

“This is why it’s extremely important to protect our borders. This issue wasn’t this important until now, so the European Union neglected it a little bit. It became clear that – though its border of Schengen – Greece couldn’t protect the border of the European Union. The European Union just realized what the Schengen border means.

If we want to keep the freedom of movement in the European Union, we have to protect the outer borders.”

Why is it that every single other country in the world seems to understand the importance of securing its borders…except US?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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