CNN asks IRANIANS about GOP candidates: Here’s what they say about Trump and Fiorina

It will of course be interesting to see if CNN bothers to do this with the Democrat candidate(s) for president, but following on from their marathon “American Idol” debate last night, a couple reporters roamed the streets of Tehran to see what a small selection of Iranians think about the GOP candidates.

You can watch the whole video, but the comments about Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina seemed scripted from an episode of Jessie Watter’s “Watter’s World.

Shown a picture of Donald Trump, Iranians said,

  • “I don’t like this picture … he was a television performer. I know the name Donald Trump, I saw some program of him and I don’t like the program.”
  • “I know him and I don’t like him because he doesn’t care about the poor people.
  • “Is he the one who’s in real estate? I remember something like that, so I doubt that he’s good in politics.”

Carly Fiorina didn’t fare too much better, but I personally really feel for her on this one.

  • “Hillary? No, I don’t know.”
  • “She’s the former Hewlett-Packard manager … Fio something … I forget her name.”
  • “Nancy Pelosi?”

SERIOUSLY? Nancy Pelosi??


But honestly, these folks are sadly actually slightly MORE informed than our own electorate. Watch this episode of Watter’s World where he asks people about the presidential candidates. And then weep.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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