Listen carefully tonight; will any candidate have the GUTS to bring this up?

The global security situation is deteriorating before our eyes – and perhaps most ominous of all, it’s as if this were all planned.

Israel is facing serious threats from Syria as attacks are coming into the Golan Heights from Hezbollah and Al Nusra Front jihadists. Inside Israel, they are facing renewed rioting at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Israel also faces increased efforts from the Fatah militant wing of Al Quds and Al Aqsa Martyrs forces.

Russia has landed paramilitary special forces troops and heavy equipment in Syria. ISIS continues to take more territory. As we reported, China has built islands in the South China Sea along a major sea trade route and is now emplacing airfields. Iran is about to receive hundreds of billions of dollars in order to continue its support to Islamic terrorism and Bashar Assad in Syria — perhaps the coming economic boon by way of President Barack Obama is reason for increased Hezbollah activity?

And as Fox News reports, someone else is jumping on the fun. “North Korea announced Tuesday it has upgraded and restarted all of its atomic bomb fuel production plants in a warning to the U.S. weeks after a standoff with South Korea. The declaration by North Korea’s state media agency claimed that the country’s main nuclear facility at Yongbyon, in the country’s northwest, was “in full operation.”

An official quoted by the state news agency KNCA said North Korea’s nuclear weapons are being improved in “quantity and quality.” The complex had been shut down in 2007, but officials vowed to restart it after conducting North Korea’s third nuclear test in 2013. The threats could deepen a standoff between North Korea and the U.S. and its allies over fears the country’s nuclear tests could bring it closer to its stated goal of an arsenal of nuclear-tipped long-range missiles that can hit the U.S. mainland. The announcement also is likely meant to put pressure on Washington to restart talks that could eventually provide the impoverished North with concessions and ease rigid international sanctions.”

If you recall, it was President Bill Clinton who came out with the nuclear agreement with North Korea and much as Barack Obama, touted it as “good for America.” It was twelve years later in 2006 when North Korea conducted its first nuclear device test. I believe to date they have conducted a total of six. I think Clinton was also under the preconceived notion that there would be inspections to monitor and cease any development of the nuclear program.

The question to ask is, why now? Well, at a time when China seems to be acting with complete impunity with a tinge of disdain, why not?

China is without a doubt the main state sponsor of North Korea and it seems that’s given Lil’ Kim the wink-wink to go ahead and rattle his sabers. However, this is the same North Korea who is responsible in recent times of attacking a South Korean naval vessel and killing its Sailors. It is the same North Korea that shelled a South Korean village with an artillery bombardment. The Stalinist North Korean regime is unstable but realizes if there’s a time to threaten the U.S. in order to acquire financial concessions, that time is now — after all, Iran is about to get a $150 billion pay day courtesy of President Obama.

“North Korea has spent decades trying to develop nuclear weapons, and while it’s believed North Korea has a small arsenal of atomic bombs and an array of short- and medium-range missiles, it has yet to demonstrate that it can produce reliable long-range missiles or fit nuclear bombs on missiles. Last month, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un ordered his troops to be “ready for war” with South Korea after he blamed Seoul for broadcasting propaganda statements across the frontier following a mine blast that maimed two South Korean soldiers. North Korean troops responded by firing a shell believed to be aimed at a loudspeaker broadcasting the propaganda.”

When you do a global assessment you’ll find the only geographic area of responsibility that is not facing turmoil in US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) — although the narco terrorists are a considerable threat. We have Russian expansion as well as an Al Hijra Trojan Horse migration issue in Europe. The Middle East is a fire. Africa is experiencing an Islamic jihadist rise from west to east to the Maghreb. The Taliban is still in a state of combat operations, regardless of what Obama unilaterally decreed. And in the Pacific, China and North Korea are creating a state of anxiety.

And so goes the Obama foreign policy doctrine of “don’t do stupid [email protected]” — and Ladies and gents, drones are not the strategic panacea to remedy these failures.

We are finding ourselves in a pre-World War II global security situation. And we have sixteen more months to go with the current Obama administration that is seeking to just ride this one out. We continue to hear President Obama articulate that climate change is our greatest geopolitical foe — he touted such while Russia and China were conducting land and maritime military operations in the Arctic and off the Alaskan shore. And let’s us be honest, the entire impetus behind the normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba is to shut down GITMO by simply turning it over to Raul Castro and the communist Cuban regime.

All of this is occurring while we here in America degrade our military capability and capacity.

This evening is the second GOP presidential primary debate. The debate will be held at the President Ronald Reagan library — a place that honors the President who coined the doctrine of “peace through strength.” It will be interesting to see what the theme of this evening’s debate will be — something tells me it won’t be about anything mentioned here. However, there will be millions tuning in to be “entertained.” It is believed that Roman Emperor Comidus used the gladiator games as a means to placate the mob and distract them from his failures to lead and govern. We know Emperor Nero started the fires in Rome, fiddled while they burned, and then blamed the Christians — again, a distraction from his failures.

The world is on fire — and we are being distracted.


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