After the Chattanooga shooting, Marine Commandant makes THIS decision about arming recruiters?

After an extensive 57-day study, Marine Corps command has decided that Marine recruiters do not need to be armed in order to protect themselves from sniper attacks. They simply need to duck behind desks and office partitions. As ludicrous as this might seem, it was the official recommendation of Marine Corps Command as announced by Lt. Gen. Mark Brilakis.

What followed the “no rifles for riflemen” announcement were two of the most pathetic candy a** excuses I, a Marine mom, have ever heard for continuing to put our Marines in harm’s way with no means to fight back.

Excuse #1, as reported by the Marine Times:

“The Marine Corps has worked hard to build strong relationships with members of the communities in which they recruit, Brilakis said. That isn’t something leaders want to jeopardize.

“Whichever way you stand on the Second Amendment, recruiters showing up armed is not going to make either educators or parents comfortable.”

So, Gen. Brilakis, are you saying it’s more important to make people comfortable than protect Marine lives? #MarineLivesMatter — and they should matter more than a teacher’s comfort level at seeing a secured firearm on the side of a trained professional who has volunteered to protect our country and the life of that very same teacher. Do you HONESTLY believe that teachers and parents don’t know the mission of the United States Marines? Do you honestly believe parents aren’t completely aware that their children, once at boot camp and forever more until they leave the Marines, will be handling weapons and taking on some of the most difficult tasks in the world?

If you find someone who isn’t aware of the reputation of the United States Marines as a fighting force let me know, otherwise please just tell the truth — whatever it is. But don’t try to convince a Marine mom that my fellow Americans will have a nervous breakdown if they see a Marine with a gun. Recruitment won’t go down because a Marine is allowed to protect himself. How do you think a parent is going to feel if his/her child is harmed in a recruiter’s office because a crazed Islamic fanatic opens fire and the Marines inside can only tell their child to “stop, drop, and roll ” out the back door? Presuming of course that there isn’t a second gunman waiting for them at the back door. Then what’s the plan?

Excuse #2:

“While bullet-proof glass at military recruiting offices was being considered in the wake of the attack, Brilakis said it has already been ruled out because of the immense costs associated with installation.

Most recruiting offices are leased in locations like strip malls. Any modifications the Marine Corps makes to the facilities have to be removed when those leases end, he said.

“We looked, and to put ballistic glass in in every one of the recruiting sites that we have — over a thousand — would be almost in excess of $100 million,” he said. “So we’ve taken many lessons learned and we are pursuing a number of different opportunities to improve … security.”

I’m sorry if I think this excuse is rather pathetic. It sounds like you’re saying to Marine families around the world, “sorry some Marines will just have to be collateral damage in the contingency operation against terror because the U.S. government can’t afford to protect them.” But lets just see what the U.S. government CAN afford:

From Fiscal Year 2008 to the present, annual Economic Support Fund (ESF) assistance to the West Bank and Gaza Strip has averaged around $400 million.

The overall Fiscal Year 2016 President’s Request for foreign aid accounts controlled by USAID is $22.3 billion of which $10.7 billion is in core USAID accounts: Development Assistance, Global Health Programs, International Disaster Assistance, Food for Peace Title II, Transition Initiatives, Complex Crises Fund, and USAID Administrative Expenses.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General found the agency is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars each year to lease warehouse space to store old office furniture and obsolete computers that are worth less than the space they are piled up in.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) leases a 54,000-square-foot warehouse in Northern Virginia for about $934,000 per year. Inside the warehouse, auditors found mostly broken office furniture and stockpiles of printer/copier paper.

The Navy has spent the last 16 years and invested $706 million in taxpayer dollars on a program intended to help Navy ships find and destroy sea-based mines, but that has consistently performed poorly in testing and yielded no results for the military.

Congress has allowed government employees to spend tax dollars on iPods, jewelry, gambling, exotic dance clubs, and $13,500 steak dinners.

The truth is, I suspect, that the Commander in Chief, in his never-ending attempt to turn the United States Military into the Peace Corps is refusing to allow our troops to be armed. He has yet to rescind the order that originally disarmed them. We are in this stinking situation because President Obama has decided it’s better to fight them over here than fight them over there. Now we (and by we I mean military families and military personnel) are paying the price for his naiveté’ and incompetence. Rather than taking up a fight to protect their own troops who are now engaged in war on our own turf, Pentagon officials have put on mom jeans and poodle skirts and want men like Chesty Puller,Dakota Meyer, Robert E. O”Malley, and Duayne E. Dewey to respond to an attack by cowering behind desks or running for the back door. While I have no doubt that our Marines will die for their country if necessary it’s far better to have the bad guys die for theirs.

The Marine Corps Commandant may have felt the heat from the Oval Office while trying to rationalize continuing to allow scumbag terrorists target our recruiters at will, he hasn’t yet felt the ire of Marine moms, wives, sisters, daughters, and fiancées. I’m thinking it’s about time we all took a ride to Washington. Are you with me?

[Note: This article was written by Marine mom and former LEO, Ashley Edwardson]

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