HYSTERICAL: This parody of the Iran deal is one you don’t want to miss

We’ve detailed here at length just how dangerous the so-called Iran deal is for both Americans and the world. And just as frightening and dangerous is how many of our elected “leaders” have made way for this deal to go through — putting their own political aspirations and party above the security of our nation and our people.

While the deal is now done, it’s not too late to hold those who supported it accountable — namely, at the voting booth in 2016. That’s precisely what Hollywood comedy legend David Zucker aims to do with the new video he released today. In his spoof of the Iran deal, the writer and director of comedic classics like “Airplane” breaks down the so-called deal’s so-called “side effects” — which are actually quite central to the deal’s ramifications — in the most digestible terms yet. And by wrapping it all up in comedy, Zucker delivers a message that may even get through to liberals who prefer to get their “news” from Comedy Central.

As the press release accompanying the video’s release today explains:

Hollywood comedy legend David Zucker (“Airplane,” “Scary Movie,” “Naked Gun” films, among many others) released a new video that spoofs the Iran Nuclear Deal and its primary architects – President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.  Zucker’s latest political piece warns of the “Side Effects” that surely could result from the absurd agreement opposed by congressional majorities and a majority of Americans.

“While the President, Secretary Kerry and Hillary Clinton are committed to this deal long term, even with clear majorities of Americans and members of Congress opposing it, it’s time to focus on the side effects we’ll experience as a result” said Zucker.  “There’s no shortage of serious ads explaining how horrible the deal is, so maybe injecting some satire will engage a broader audience and ensure the leadership allowing this deal to happen is held responsible for the inevitable dangerous side effects.”

The Zucker piece titled “Side Effects” spoofs the popular prescription drug advertisement formats which include a litany of possible drug side effects.  Vision for America (“VFA”) is releasing the video as part of a national advocacy effort to highlight misguided efforts of Democrat leaders and their policies. VFA will ensure public awareness of the negative side effects of the deal and drive national policies and leadership in a safer, more secure direction in 2016.

Watch it yourself!

David Zucker is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter.  A master of parody comedies, Zucker wrote and directed the critically acclaimed “Airplane!” film, created the “The Naked Gun” franchise, and many other fan favorites such as “Ruthless People,” “Scary Movies 3 and 4,” “Top Secret” and “BASEketball.”

Zucker worked with the non-profit organization Vision for America, which was founded in 2012 to promote principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets through grassroots education, mobilization, and advocacy. As the organization’s executive director, Eric Beach, notes, it is attempting to engage a broader audience in important national issues such as the Iran deal — in 2016 and beyond.

Besides providing much-needed comic relief to a situation that couldn’t be more dire — when our choices are laughing or crying — Zucker’s new video does a brilliant job meeting liberals where they typically one-up us: at the intersection of pop culture and politics. It’s a sad reality that this is how we need to reach some of the electorate.  Zucker manages to do this in a way that conveys hard truths in an engaging way that doesn’t degrade them.

Compare this to the liberal Hollywood video featuring Jack Black, Morgan Freeman and others, which we wrote about here. I’d say Zucker’s video scores one for the cause of common sense, wouldn’t you?

So, share this with all of your friends — liberal and conservative — and let them know anyone who supported this sham of a “deal” does not deserve any American’s vote in 2016. And yep, this most definitely includes Democrat presidential wannabes Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who paved the way for this treacherous treason.


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