Even if you disagree with Kim Davis, this ONE fact is undeniable…

Many are saying Hallelujah! Kim Davis returned to work this week. She’s back for the first time since she was jailed for denying marriage licenses to gay couples. Now that she’s back, she’ll be faced with either doing her job according to the law or losing her freedom.

Davis has been an icon to many on the right as a role model for standing on principles. She’s been the source of much debate over the past few days as we are faced with many issues of faith in this country.

As the Associated Press reported, “with her voice shaking, the Kentucky county clerk said she would not interfere with deputy clerks who continue to hand out the licenses, but Davis declared that the documents would not be authorized by her, and she questioned their validity.

Davis, an Apostolic Christian who spent five days in jail for disobeying a federal judge, read from a hand-written statement outside the Rowan County courthouse, saying she was torn between obeying God and the judge’s directive, which she said “forces me to disobey God.”

The first couple to apply for a license Monday was Shannon Wampler and Carmen Collins. They stood at the counter for a half-hour, dozens of reporters gathering behind them and microphones bobbing above their heads.

Well, of course you had to have the first gay couple applying for a marriage license to draw in the press and get that photo op. Is this an actual fight of us versus them or is this something else? To me, this isn’t a stand against gay marriage — but a stand for our rights as American citizens.  

This case has caused many of us to take a look at just how far away from the Constitution we’ve come. We now live in a country where equality is not based on what is fair and just for all. Equality now seems based on select groups, who comprise a small minority of the population, able to dictate to a larger group what it must do. This is not equality. This is not justice or liberty. This is simply wrong.

Love or hate Davis, she stood up for what she believed in, period. She took a stand to say this is going too far. Her line was crossed. Where’s your line? This is a question we all must answer.

Simply put, our entire way of life is at risk. When you have the federal government sanctioning marriage and religion, we’re in trouble. What am I talking about here? The FEDS have just told us gay people have a “right” the rest of us don’t have. The FEDS are signaling that Christianity isn’t welcome in this country and that Islam needs to be understood. In fact, we even allow that religion to be taught in school under Common Core, while you can’t even mention the Bible.

Yes, we’re in trouble.

“Deputy clerk Brian Mason — sitting behind a sign that reads “marriage license deputy” — gave them a license despite his boss’s objections and after a delay because of a printer problem.

Protesters in the back heckled Mason, but he ignored them, initialed the license and shook the couple’s hands.

As Davis indicated in her statement, the couple’s license had the words “pursuant to federal court order” typed on it.

One protester waved a Bible. Elizabeth Johnson from Ohio screamed, “Don’t let Kim’s five days in jail be in vain.”

Marriage-equality supporters chanted, “Love has won.”

Davis, a Democrat, sat in her office with the door closed and the blinds drawn. She became a hero to many conservative Christians when she stopped issuing the licenses after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. Her profile rose when she was jailed, as protesters, presidential candidates and news crews from across the county descended on the small town of Morehead.

Davis is more than a hero to Christians. She’s becoming representative of what many Americans are feeling: we’re losing our way, not only as a world leader but as a country truly about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is, for Christians anyway — or anyone who doesn’t full-on agree with the LGBT community, Muslims or the Black Lives Matter Movement…among others

In her statement, Davis said: “I love my deputy clerks, and I hate that they have been caught in the middle of any of this. If any of them feel that they must issue an authorized license to avoid being thrown in jail, I understand their tough choice, and I will take no action against them.’

The fight is just beginning. Even if you disagree with Davis, you can’t deny America is changing. Some would say for the worse.

[Note: This article was written by Earl Hall]


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