Folks always ask me who I’m supporting in 2016; this is what I say…

Folks always ask me — sometimes in public, other times quietly — who am I supporting in 2016? My response is always that I’m looking for a Commander-in-Chief. The reasons why are pretty self-explanatory, considering what’s happening to our military capacity and capability — along with the horrific treatment of our veterans.

I submit to you all the off-mike moment on stage between then Russian President Dimitry Medvedev and President Barack Obama, in which Obama asks Medvedev to let Vladimir Putin know, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” That dubious statement was, of course, dismissed by the liberal progressive media and nothing was made of the insidious and dangerous message it sent to former KGB Colonel Putin.

And of course we all remember during the final 2012 presidential debate, when moderator Bob Schieffer asked, “who is America’s number one geopolitical threat?”

Governor Mitt Romney responded with a very astute assessment that it was Russia. President Obama responded with the asinine, flippant Saul Alinsky-esque response, “The 1980s are calling and they want their foreign policy back.”

And America went ahead and reelected the fella who has indeed provided lots of “flexibility” to a geopolitical threat, Russia.

Putin’s aggressiveness, combined with Obama’s geopolitical and strategic ineptness, has resulted in the Crimea being overtaken; the eastern portion of a sovereign state, Ukraine, in chaos and invaded; and, as we reported recently, Russia’s massive military moves in the Arctic.

Perhaps during his recent trip to Alaska, President Obama was able to see Russian troops, as well as Chinese naval vessels, from the window of his accommodations. It can’t be said enough, that the weakness of Barack Obama has thrown this world into a situation resembling pre-World War II. One would only wish Obama held such contempt for the real enemies of our nation as he does for any domestic political opposition to his agenda. Perhaps we could make Lois Lerner a general so she’ll unleash the IRS on Russia, China, Iran and ISIS?

I predict if you went out on the streets and inquired if anyone remembered the infamous “Obama Red Line” and against what country it was supposed to be directed, few would know. And this is why the progressive socialists now known as the Democrat Party are able to succeed. Well, someone was paying attention to that red line faux pas moment — Vladimir Putin.

As reported by Fox News:

The growing rift between the United States and Russia over concerns that Moscow is employing its military to protect Syria’s embattled president appeared to widen Friday when a Russian official called for military cooperation with Washington in order to avoid “unintended incidents.” [Sounds to me that the Russians are alluding to direct confrontations with US military assets.]

The comments were made after Western intelligence sources told Fox News that Russia escalated its presence in the Middle East country days after a secret Moscow meeting in late July between Iran’s Quds Force commander — their chief exporter of terror — and Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Officials who have monitored the build-up say they’ve seen more than 1,000 Russian combatants — some of them from the same plainclothes Special Forces units who were sent to Crimea and Ukraine. Some of these Russian troops are logistical specialists and needed for security at the expanding Russian bases.

As President Obama’s been threatening, scheming and castigating his opponents — “crazies” — to the Iran deal, General Qasem Soleimani, head of the designated terrorist unit Quds Force, violated the imposed international travel ban. We reported on that here — and, of course, the progressive socialist detractors claimed much ado about nothing. We presented to you here that Soleimani met with Russian Defense minister and Vladimir Putin himself. We postulated that the talks were about S300 surface-to-air missile systems for Iran; seems it was more than just that.

However, what happens if those S300 systems are deployed into Syria? Neither ISIS or the Al Nusra front has an air force — so who would these systems be engaging? Just who would be on the receiving end of “unintended incidents”?

And on Friday while speaking at Ft. Meade Maryland, President Obama replied to Russia and Putin saying, “But we are going to be engaging Russia to let them know that you can’t continue to double-down on a strategy that is doomed to failure.”

Yeah, I can just picture Putin putting down his weights and rolling on the floor laughing his butt off. Putin is now employing the same plainclothes Special Operations forces in Syria that he did in Ukraine — and that worked very well there. As we just reported, President Obama spent $42 million to train 54 Syrian rebels, who were all killed or captured by the al-Qaida-affiliated Nusra Front when deployed. Something tells me it’s Obama’s strategy that’s doomed to fail, yet he keeps telling himself a fairy tale.

So to add insult to injury:

Russia denies allegations that it is helping to build Assad’s military. Moscow claimed its increased military presence is part of an international effort to help defeat the Islamic State. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called on world powers to join Russia in that pursuit, arguing that Syria’s army is the most efficient force to fight extremists in the Middle East. 

“You cannot defeat Islamic State with air strikes only,” Lavrov said, a clear dig at the White House’s strategy. “It’s necessary to cooperate with ground troops and the Syrian army is the most efficient and powerful ground force to fight the IS.” 

Check and checkmate to the one who made the inane comment about doubling down on strategies that are doomed to fail. You just have to ask, how much more embarrassment will Putin levy against Obama?

And now, today, thanks to the partisan treachery of the Democrats, 42 senators specifically, the Iranian “deal” will not even be brought to the Senate floor for vote, and Obama will not have to utilize his veto. Today, Obama will begin unilaterally deciding to release unfrozen financial assets to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

And shall I add, the Russian cargo planes touched down in Iran, en route to Damascus, Syria? In his second term, President Barack Obama has — by way of what the liberal progressive left deems his “greatest foreign policy achievement” — enabled the formulation of a 21st Century axis — Russia and Iran. Oh, by the way, do y’all remember Obama’s stating Bashar Assad must go? It just now seems Assad isn’t going anywhere — especially since is sugar daddies in Iran are about to get $150B.

And this, Ladies and Gents, is why I’m looking for an American Winston Churchill to support. It’ll be interesting to see how much of this the CNN debate moderators will cover this Wednesday; my guess is they’ll avoid it like the plague. Someone on the debate stage MUST bring this to the attention of the American people. Someone has to present this in a cogent manner and discuss how we shall rectify the abject loss of our regard and respect on the global stage.

I, for one, am disgusted with the reality TV show atmosphere of the GOP presidential primary. These are serious times, and we need a serious, principled leader. And yes, that means someone who darn well knows who General Qasem Soleimani is, since whoever the next president is, he or she will have to contend with this degraded global security situation.

If I were a debate moderator this week, here’s the question I’d ask, “Can you articulate the parallels between 1936-1939 and today’s current global security environment, and what needs to be done?” There should be two topic areas for the debate Wednesday: economic and national security. I’ve little time for the tabloid news spectacle into which this primary is being made.

You’ll know my assessment of the debate on Thursday.

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