Look what happened after Chris Pratt asked people to honor VETERANS on 9/11

While most of us mark the 9/11 with a sober remembrance of that horrific day 14 years ago — and another one, just three years ago — sadly, as we’ve reported, some chose to mark yesterday’s anniversary in rather classless ways.

So there’s all the more reason to LOVE what ‘Jurassic World’ actor Chris Pratt did yesterday to mark this 9/11 — and the tremendous response it generated.

Yesterday, the actor posted a video to Facebook, asking people to thank a veteran on 9/11. He eloquently introduced the video with the following text on his page:

“In the face of unexpected violence, most of us freeze,” Pratt posted to Facebook. “We crumble. We pray. We cry. But a select few stand up, join up and take the fight to the enemy, in the name of justice.”

“This September 11th I am doing something I invite all of you to do as well. I’m posting a video to #ThankAVeteran.”

In his own video Pratt thanked thanked veteran Mike Day, a former Navy SEAL that survived an Iraqi raid in which he was shot 27 times and suffered a brain injury. Later this year, Day is completing in the Kona Ironman Championships to raise money for traumatic brain injury therapy at the Carrick Brain Center located in Dallas, Texas. Day has set up a fundraising page on Crowdrise to benefit the center’s new cutting edge treatments for TBI.

In the video, Pratt pledged $10,000 to the cause, inviting others to donate as well.

What is as striking as Pratt’s request to thank a veteran on 9/11 is his encouragement for Americans to unite around this, despite our differences.

“No matter where you land politically in terms of our [country’s] involvement in foreign affairs, or the two wars we’ve been in post 9/11, there is no doubting the courage and valor men like Mike Day have shown,” Pratt posted.

“In America we may have our opinions, we don’t always agree and our voices are loud. But 14 years ago we were reminded that deep down we are not divided, we are united and strong. We’ve got each other’s backs, despite our differences and will continue to as we move forward.”

Wow. Not just honoring our veterans, but calling for us to come together as Americans — despite our differences. Hey leaders, check this out — THIS is what we’re talking about! At a time when our nation seems more polarized than ever, we could use a lot more of that.

Clearly, Pratt’s message resonated with a lot of people, judging by the fact that it generated more than 1.3 million views and 80,000 shares on Facebook within just a few hours, according to The Daily Signal.

Here are just a few of the many thousands of responses Pratt’s call has generated – and you can check out many more on Pratt’s Facebook page or by checking out the hashtag #ThankAVeteran across social media:

“Thank you Chris Pratt for being the white light in the darkness that can be Hollywood,” Danae Morris commented to Facebook.

“We took a veteran out for dinner in memory of my father! My father was not a soldier but always taught us to respect and honor what our soldiers have done for us in the past and in the present. #ThankAVeteran,” Alex Emblen also commented on Pratt’s Facebook post.

“As a veteran myself, I really appreciate the effort you put into recognizing the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform,” Jesse Poores Jr. commented. “ It really is a breath of fresh air for someone with your notoriety to give a shout out to the troops.”

A breath of fresh air indeed. Pratt continues to be a much-needed leader and role model! #ThankYouChrisPratt!


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