Is new song by Santana, Shakira and Gloria Estefan aimed at Donald Trump?

Emilio Estefan, the Cuban music and entertainment industry legend has enlisted the likes of Carlos Santana, Shakira and Gloria Estefan to “celebrate” the contributions of Hispanics to American culture with a new song release called, “We Are All Mexicans.”

There’s absolutely no doubt that Hispanic-Americans have contributed greatly to American society, so I’m just wondering why the song isn’t called, “We Are All Hispanic”? And even though news sources say that Estefan and his wife claim this new release had nothing to do with Donald Trump’s comments on criminals slipping into the United States via Mexico, I’m marveling over the coincidence in the timing.


Also coincidentally, then, NBC News made another reference to a “message” that was sent out to the world recently just prior to the release of this new song.

“There’s a message being sent out to the world where people are giving opinions that are plain wrong,” Estefan, winner of 19 Grammy awards, told Billboard Magazine. “We need to lift up our pride and show the world what we’re doing.”

The song — which Estefan described as a “celebration of Hispanics and our accomplishments” — will be released later this month. It will feature Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Shakira, Thalia, Pepe Aguilar, as well as Reggaeton artist Wisin and rapper Wyclef Jean.

At his campaign kickoff announcement in June, Trump said Mexico is “sending” rapists, criminals and drug dealers to the United States. “Some, I assume, are good people,” he added.

Estefan, who is Cuban American, told Billboard he has known Trump “for many, many years.” He said the song “is not so much an answer to the real-estate developer turned Republican candidate as it is an answer to the sentiment that we’ve progressed [as Hispanics] and we need to let people know that.”

“I want to send a message that represents unity,” he added.”

I’m all for unity as well, but there’s just one little problem with this song as I see it: we’re not all Mexicans, but we are all Americans — except for the trespassers entering our country illegally in violation of our immigration laws.

As much as I feel for people who live in countries where there’s almost no opportunity for economic success on a personal level, we cannot allow mass illegal immigration on the scale that’s now occurring. Our government has as its main responsibility the securing of our safety, which is impossible when elected officials allow thousands of immigrants a year to enter our country without being able to positively identify who they are. Our country is in debt up to its eyeballs and will become insolvent if our elected officials continue to offer enormous and unsustainable benefits to people who aren’t even here legally.

Mr. Estefan, here’s a question for you.  If, as you claim, we are all Mexican — and if, as you claim, you’re doing this new song to express “unity” — how come the only artists you include are Hispanic?

I didn’t see one Irish name, one Native American name, one Jewish name, one Muslim name, one — gasp –white name, one German name or one Middle Eastern name in the following list of performers: Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Shakira, Thalia, Pepe Aguilar, as well as Reggaeton artist Wisin and rapper Wyclef Jean.

I’m fine if you want to celebrate “Hispanic” accomplishments, but don’t try to apply the liberal left “unity” sticker to what is obviously NOT about unity — unless you really mean being OK with Mexicans who’ve entered our country illegally.


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