On the eve of 9/11, look which flag the UN voted to fly outside its headquarters

Yesterday, the United Nations general assembly voted overwhelmingly to approve a resolution allowing the Palestinian flag to fly over UN headquarters.

Well Israel must be pleased to know it’s got the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau and Tuvalu squarely in its corner, because other than Australia, Canada and the U.S., those are the only other United Nations member states to vote against the resolution.

Out of 193 votes, there were 119 in favor, eight against, and 45 abstentions – among them Hungary, Austria and Germany.

un vote

As The Guardian reports, The Palestinians initially presented their initiative as a joint effort with the Holy See, but the Vatican said it would not co-sponsor the resolution and requested that its name be removed from the text.

The Vatican said on Wednesday it had not decided whether to fly its flag next to Palestine’s should the resolution pass.

The resolution says observer states’ flags will be flown within 20 days. Palestinian diplomats say they expect their flag to be raised on 30 September, the day the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, addresses world leaders at the annual gathering of the assembly.

Ron Proser, Israel’s UN ambassador, criticized the assembly for adopting the resolution, saying “the assembly would vote to declare the Earth is flat if the Palestinians proposed it”. US ambassador Samantha Power said raising the Palestinian flag will not bring Israelis and Palestinians any closer together.

That might be the first truly intelligent thing I’ve heard her say.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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