Oh boy: Look where Russia just sided with IRAN…

According to Reuters, via Business Insider, Russians are now fighting on the side of Syrian President Bashar Assad. A Lebanese source has told Reuters that, “The Russians are no longer just advisors.”

Which means Russia is essentially fighting on the same side as Iran, since, as we just reported in this House Armed Services Fact Sheet, as Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah provides military aid and advises the Assad regime. Iran also directly employs its IRGC forces in Syria.

Of course, U.S. officials say they are “concerned” about Russia’s increased military involvement, at the same time they’re lifting sanctions and cozying up to Iran’s Ayatollah with the nuclear deal. If this wasn’t so scary, it would be hilarious.

How is this administration going to complain about Russia’s involvement with the Syrians while they’re getting in bed with the Iranians? Can anyone tell me what’s really going on here?

According to the Business Insider, “Putin has said that Russia wants to “create some kind of an international coalition to fight terrorism and extremism.”

The U.S. State Department isn’t buying it.

“Russia is not a member of the coalition against ISIL, and what we’ve said is that their continued support to the Assad regime has actually fostered the growth of ISIL inside Syria and made the situation worse,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Wednesday, using an acronym for the Islamic State (aka ISIS and Daesh).

“If they want to be helpful against ISIL, the way to do it is to stop arming and assisting and supporting Bashar al-Assad.”

Is it just me, or are you having trouble keeping this straight too? The Obama administration is lifting sanctions off a terrorist state and paving the way for it to get a nuclear weapon. All the while, the Russians are militarily supporting another terrorist state, Syria. So are the U.S. and Russia actually allies in sponsoring terrorism? It does make you wonder.

Putin appears willing to support Assad and wants no part of those trying to overthrow him. During nearly all of the past 5 years, the Russians have supplied military equipment to Assad as well as a lot of cash.

Now the U.S. is looking to disrupt this generosity by asking Greece and Bulgaria to close their airspace to Russian transport planes.

The matter is already escalating amid rumors of Russian infantry vehicles troops already on the ground in Syria alongside Iranian proxy militias.

For years, Assad has argued that he is fighting terrorism — when, in fact, the U.S. and others have accused him of facilitating the rise of ISIS.

“The [Assad] regime is a terrorism generator of epic proportion, engaging in state terrorism against its own people and inciting terrorism from its opponents,” a recent note from security intelligence organization, the Soufan Group, reported.

“There is no justifying the actions of a group like the Islamic State or al-Nusra … but the Assad regime’s wholesale slaughter of civilians provides the groups with radicalized supporters far faster than Assad’s military can then fight them.”

How will all of this shake out? With the Obama administration essentially sponsoring terrorism now, the Middle East is about to have guns pointing in all directions, with the U.S. and Russia potentially looking to square off against each other…again.

Or are Putin and Obama actually both on the same side?

[Note: This article was written by Earl Hall]

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